Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Day in the Life...In-Flight Status and the Shape of Things to Come

A Day in the Life...In-Flight Status

  I didn't think I'd get the chance to post up a blog today but since my flight from LAX to New Jersey has been delayed by two and a half hours, I thought I'd take advantage of the free wifi and get a quick update in.  With this delayed flight, I am pretty much guaranteed not to get home until after midnight.  By 10am tomorrow morning, I will be on the beach helping to set up for the 2012 USBA Scion Jenks Pro in Pt. Pleasant, NJ.  Yeah, my schedule is a little crazy.  This time of year always gets a little hectic.  It's what I do. I'm used to it. :)

  The 8th Annual USBA Jenks Pro is scheduled to run September 1st through 10th.  Conditions permitting, the Amateur divisions will run on the 1st-3rd and the Pro divisions on the 4th-10th.  The Jenks Pro serves as the season finale for the United States Bodyboarding Association national tour.  For more information about the USBA, visit www.usbatour.com and don't forget to check out the USBA on YouTube:

  also, as a part of this year's Jenks Pro, be sure to catch Jenks Beach Fest.  Legendary DJ Mix Master Mike will be playing at Jenks Club on the boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant, NJ on September 8th:

  Immediately following the USBA Scion Jenks Pro, I will be down in Brasil for the IBA Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 (September 11th-16th).  This event features a $30,000USD Women's Grand Slam Series event and a $45,000USD Men's Global Qualifier Series event for a combined $75,000USD prize purse!

  Stay tuned to www.ibaworldtour.com for all of the latest news and updates, and be sure to visit www.youtube.com/ibaworldtour for highlight clips.  In the meantime, check out this teaser clip for the event:

  One of the designated competition sites for Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 is my Brazilian "homebreak" of Posto 5 in Copacabana.  Check out this clip of P5 to get an idea of what the international field of men's and women's competitors could see at this event:

  Well, that should do it for now.  Hopefully, my flight will start boarding soon.  Catch up with all of you in New Jersey, and maybe I'll see a few of you down in Rio!  ;)  Until then...YEEEWWW!!!

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