Saturday, February 24, 2018

National Tortilla Chip Day

Happy National Tortilla Chip Day!


Enjoying a plate of tortilla chips with salsa somewhere in Northern Baja, Mexico.

  Mmmmm, tortilla chips.  Dip them in salsa, guacamole, or salsa con queso.  Make them into a plate of fully loaded nachos (complete with refried beans, shredded cheese, chopped onions, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, jalapeƱo slices, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and your choice of chicken, pork, or beef). Tortilla chips make for a tasty snack after a fun bodyboarding session! Enjoy...YEEEWWW!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

National California Day

Happy National California Day!

Steve "Action" Jackson and Manny Vargas at Lucha Libre Taco Shop in San Diego, California.

Today celebrates the 31st state in the United States union.

What's you favorite thing about The Golden State?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Talkin' Story: Plate Lunch at Beach Park

Talkin' Story: Plate Lunch at Beach Park

1986 World Champion Ben Severson and me at Sandy Beach during the 2011 IBA Pipe Trials.

  Back in 2011, I was offered the opportunity to work commentary for the IBA Pipeline Pro alongside my friend Manny Vargas.  I jumped on that opportunity. I had so many incredible experiences during that trip, from staying at the IBA Media House and working commentary for Red Bull TV to  the bodyboarding sessions and cruising North Shore zones with some of the best bodyboarders in the world! Here's a quick look back at one of those memories...

Uncle Warren

  My first day at the media house, I was just trying to absorb everything.  I couldn't believe I was going to be staying on the beach right in front of Pipeline (next door to the Volcom House) for the next 10 days. It didn't seem quite real. I kept thinking to myself, 'No f$#%!ng way!  You've gotta be F$#%!ng kidding me!!!'  I kept staring at Pipeline, mesmerized, as if she were calling my name. The waves weren't that great. The sand had filled in the reef and Backdoor was actually looking better. It was of no matter to me. I couuldn't wait to hit the water. That would come soon enough.

  After I had broken free of Her Majesty's siren song, I walked around the contest site with Uncle Warren. Uncle Warren is this super chill local Hawaiian who was working security for the contest.  Full on aloha, this guy. While we were walking through Ehukai Beack Park checking out the banners, 1986 World Champion Ben Severson pulled into the parking lot. He had just come from Ted's Bakery with a Shoyu Chicken plate lunch in hand. He offered to split it with us, so the three of us sat down at a picnic table in the park. Ben tore the lid off of his to-go container, and divvied up the Shoyu Chicken, rice, and macaroni salad. I was loving this! Again, I was thinking to myself, 'Are you kidding me?!?' I felt like a grom! 'I'm sitting at Ehukai Beach Park with Ben frickin' Severson, and he's sharing his plate lunch with me!!!'  I was all smiles.  Even as a grown adult, I have moments when my inner grom starts jumping up and down, fists in the air, screaming, 'HOLY SHIT!' To top off the experience, this was the first time I had ever eaten Shoyu Chicken, and it was AMAZING!

  This may not seem like much, but that moment still stands out in my mind.  For me, it was something very memorable.  It's not every day that I get to sit down and have lunch with one of my bodyboarding idols. Meeting Uncle Warren made a lasting impression, too.  I was stoked that these two guys were willing to show so much aloha to a haole from New Jersey. Mahalo!

Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Welcome to Bodyboarding 101's 2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Bodyboarders!

  With Valentine's Day just a couple of days away, I decided to put together a handful of gift ideas for that special bodyboarder in your life. For those of you who find yourselves cruising solo this Valentine's Day, why not treat yourself? Go ahead, you deserve it! Heck, I might have to order a couple of these things for myself.  Regardless of whether your looking for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or potential love interest here are some hot ideas to stoke out your favorite bodyboarder!


  Custom X Bodyboards are hand-shaped in Oceanside, CA and offer a full line of bodyboards, swimfins, accessories, and more. Made in the USA since 1987.

The Pat Caldwell signature model from Custom X Bodyboards.


X Fins come in an assortment of colors and sizes.


Custom X offers a full line of bodyboard leashes (bicep leash pictured above), fin cinches, fin tethers, and more!

For more information, or to order online, please visit the Custom X Bodyboards website.

You can, also, order direct from the factory. Call 1-760-722-1585 and ask for JoJo.


  Owned and operated by Australian bodyboarding legend Ryan Hardy, Reeflex is the company of choice for some of the world's elite riders such as 2x World Champion Amaury Lavernhe, 2015 World Champion Jared Houston, Hawaiian ripper Jacob Romero, and 2017 World Champion Joana Schenker.

The MOZ SOL 2/2mm Zipperless Long-Sleeve Springsuit.

The ROMERO Fyah 2/2mm Zipperless Short-Sleeve Springsuit

The Ladies RIO 2/2mm Long-Sleeve Chest Zip Springsuit

The Ladies JEWEL 1mm Long-Sleeve Bikini Cut Springsuit

To view the full line of Reeflex Wetsuits and wetsuit accessories, or to purchase online, please be sure to visit the Reeflex Wetsuits website.


  Looking to show your support for the APB World Tour? Now you can get your hands on officially licensed world tour apparel for Men/Women/Kids at the APB Store online!

The APB World Tour Hat

The APB Stamp Zip Hoodie (back view)

The APB Men's Stamp Tee

The APB Women's Stamp Tee

To purchase online, please be sure to visit the APB Tour Store online.


  Bomber Floating Eyewear is a family-run business started by 6x Jet Ski Racing World Champion Tommy "The Bomber" Bonacci back in 1997. Bomber Eyewear uses a "patentented foam-lining technology to offer water sports enthusiasts, fisherman, and everyone in between eyewear that is comfortable, durable, stylish, and able to float."

The Jeff Hubbard Signature Series HUB Bomb


The SUGAR Bomb

The La Bomba

To view the full line of Men's and Women's styles and color options, or to purchase online, please be sure to visit the Bomber Eyewear website.


  Owned and operated by former pro bodyboarders Jay and Vicki Reale, and run out of San Clemente, CA since 1999 carries everything you need to get out in the water.  From boards and fins to wetsuits, apparel, and accessories...including their own line of products...they've got you covered!

The "Just Ride" tee

The Commando Board Bag

The Long-Sleeve Lycra Rashguard's Boogie Bar Wax comes in cold water and warm water (pictured) formulas.

Please be sure to visit to view their full line of brands and products, or to purchase items online.

  Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Until the next time, I'm Steve "Action" Jackson. I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

National White T-Shirt Day

Happy National White T-Shirt Day!

The eBodyboarding QR tee. Click here to purchase.

Are you wearing a white t-shirt today?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

National Girls & Women In Sports Day

Happy National Girls & Women In Sports Day!

Vicki Reale. Wife. Mother of two. Entrepeneur. Bodyboarder. Positive role model. Photo: Jordan Anast.

  Across the United States, "National Girls & Women in Sports Day" is recognized by schools and organizations on the first Wednesday in February.  I think it's important to stop and acknowledge the significance of women's athletics, in general, as well as the accomplishments of girls and women in athletics. More specifically, and directly related to this Bodyboarding 101 blog, I think it is of paramount importance to take this opportunity to promote the sport of bodyboarding for women in the US.


  Athletic activities, whether they be individual or team sports, can help develop a healthy, active lifestyle.  The discipline of maintaining a consistent training routine and eating habits are not only beneficial for the short-term but can improve your quality of life in the long run as well.


  According to studies, women who have participated in school sports are more likely to graduate from college. An Ernst & Young study showed that women increase their chances of securing leadership positions when they have an athletic background.  In that study, EY stated, "A background in sport can improve a woman's leadership potential and help her land a job, according to women executives surveyed by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW.

Maryland's Justine Renzi. Mom. Nurse. Bodyboarder. Positive role model. Photo: Folzz.


  Here in the United States, women's bodyboarding gets overshadowed by women's surfing, most of the time. We tend to overlook the fact that there are a lot of talented female bodyboarders living in the United States. Whether we are talking about homegrown talent like Maryland's Justine Renzi or California's Vicki Reale (originally from Australia, and one amongst many talented international women's bodyboarders residing in the US), there's absolutely no reason to believe that these ladies can't influence and cultivate the next generation of female bodyboarders here in the US.  The talent is there. The potential is there. It's just a matter of making it a reality.


  For those of you that are unfamiliar with her, Vicki Reale is a former professional bodyboarder from Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia and lives full-time in California. A few of her career highlights include 1998 Australian Women's National Champion, former Top 10 competitor on the GOB (Global Organization of Bodyboarders) world tour, and 1998 ISA (International Surfing Association) World Surfing Games Bronze medalist.  She is co-owner of with her husband, former pro bodyboarder Jay Reale, as well as a proud mother of two children.

I asked Vicki for her opinion on the importance of sports for women. Here's what she had to say.

VICKI REALE:  I grew up playing every sport I could think of, from field hockey to bodyboarding.  To this day, I would say that all those sports I played were some of the best times of my childhood.  So, besides the fun aspect, the lessons and life skills I have today are because of sports.  The team sports taught me to be a team player in every aspect of my life, to this day, whether it be as a business owner or in the PTA at my kids' school.  The individual sports gave me self-confidence and the ability to believe in myself and to achieve things on my own.  Sports are not all fun and games, though.  They also teach you how to deal with being a loser, dealing with pain, and takes you out of your comfort zone to overcome challenges.  All important things you need to handle in life also.  Now, at 44 years of age, I am still very active and live a healthy lifestyle from being an athlete at a young age.  I am, now, instilling all this in my daughter. Sport is so important for girls and women!  On a side gives you a nice butt, too!

For more information, please be sure to visit:

National Day Calendar: Girls and Women in Sports Day

EY Study: Women in Sports Infographic

eBodyboarding: About Jay and Vicki Reale

Monday, January 22, 2018

Stoked to Join The Custom X Team!!!

Looking forward to riding for Custom X Bodyboards in 2018

Custom X Bodyboards. Made in the USA since 1987.

  Over this past weekend, I signed my contract with Custom X Bodyboards, and they announced it via Instagram.

  I'm excited to be riding for Custom X, and look forward to working with all of the team riders to promote the esteemed history and quality products that have become synonymous with this company over the past three decades!  On a personal note, I can't help but feel as if I've come full circle with this opportunity. I say this because the first bodyboarding contest I ever won as an amateur was on a Custom X Matrix back in 1997. Now, after 30 years of bodyboarding and 20+ years after that first contest win, I've been given a chance to contribute as a member of the Custom X Team.

My Custom X Matrix from 1997. Lots of great memories with that board...first surf trip to Puerto Rico, first amateur contest win, etc. I wish I still had this board. I'd have it hanging up on a wall.

To read the blog about my first amateur contest win, go to:

My First Contest Win

For more information about Custom X Bodyboards, or to purchase direct online, please be sure to visit:

Custom X Bodyboards on Facebook

Custom X official website