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GEOGRAPHY: The Jersey Mobb in Hawaii

GEOGRAPHY: The Jersey Mobb in Hawaii

  Every bodyboarder, at one point or another, dreams of being on the North Shore of Hawaii for the winter season.  Every surf photographer and videographer wants to be there to capture all of the action.  For the 2013 season, the crew from The Jersey Mobb isn't just dreaming about it...their doing it!  Bodyboarders like Sean Morin and Mike Murphy are putting their time in out in the water while Kalen Foley and Alex Doane are scoring all of the goods on film and video!  Check out the photos and Hawaii Mobbcasts...


Mike Murphy coimng out of a textbook air forward 360.  Photo: Kalen Foley


Sean Morin. Pipeline.  Photo: Kalen Foley


...Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Chris Schlegel getting "warmed up" for the North Shore in the cold waters of the Jersey Shore.  Photo: Chris Zeh

  Be sure to keep an eye out for Kalen Foley's upcoming bodyboarding film 'WORK!' coming soon.  Until then check out the trailer...

  For more information on THE JERSEY MOBB, be sure to visit "The Jerseymobb" on Facebook and check out their official website:

    Keep in mind, up until about 15 years ago, the idea of professional bodyboarders from New Jersey was considered to be impossibly unlikely.  I can remember guys like Chuck Guarino, Larry McGinn, Jason Bitzer, myself and many other guys being laughed at and told, "It'll never happen, stop kidding yourself!"  Well, if you can dream it, you can make it a reality...if you want it badly enough.  There's an entire world out there waiting for you to explore it!  There are countless grand adventures waiting to unfold!  There are endless possibilities, if you are willing to take a chance!  So, stop daydreaming.  Get out there, explore the world, chase waves, experience new cultures, make new friends, and have fun bodyboarding!!!

  Until the next time, good luck and good waves!  I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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BREAKING NEWS: 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge Cancelled!

BREAKING NEWS:  2013 IBA Pipe Challenge Cancelled!

  OAHU, HAWAII-  The IBA (International Bodyboarding Association) has announced the cancellation of the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge (February 15th - March 1st) due to lack of sponsor support.  Click on the link below for the official press release from the IBA website:

Brian Wise on a heavy air drop at the 2012 IBA Pipe Challenge.  Photo: IBA

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HISTORY: Women's World Champions & Pipeline Champions

HISTORY: Women's World Champions & Pipeline Champions

4x World Champion Stephanie Pettersen.  1997 Pipeline contest.

The first all-women's Pipeline competition was held in 1990.  Five years later, in 1995,  came the first women's world tour.  In the time since, women's bodyboarding has grown exponentially around the world and the level of competition has intensified with each passing year.  Here is a look at some of bodyboarding's pioneers, legends, and champions.  Here is the History of Women's Bodyboarding World Champions and Pipeline Champions.

4x World Champion Isabela Sousa, 1991 Pipeline Champion/ Sports  Journalist Glenda Koslowski, and 1992 Olympic  Volleyball Gold Medalist Tande filming for TV in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), September 2012.  Photo: Bodyboarding 101

(NOTE: Prior to the 1995 women's world tour, which as a result crowned the first ever women's world tour champion, the international Pipeline competition doubled as a world championship).

2016 - Isabela Sousa - Brasil
2015 - Alexandra Rinder - Canary Islands
2014 - Alexandra Rinder - Canary Islands
2013 - Isabela Sousa - Brasil
2012 - Isabela Sousa - Brasil
2011 - Eunate Aguirre - Basque
2010 - Isabela Sousa - Brasil
2009 - Neymara Carvalho - Brasil
2008 - Neymara Carvalho - Brasil
2007 - Neymara Carvalho - Brasil
2006 - Marina Taylor - Canary Islands
2005 - Kira Llewellyn - Australia
2004 - Neymara Carvalho - Brasil
2003 - Neymara Carvalho - Brasil
2002 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brasil
2001 - Soraia Rocha - Brasil
2000 - Soraia Rocha - Brasil
1999 - Karla Costa - Brasil
1998 - Mariana Nogueira - Brasil
1997 - Daniela Freitas - Brasil
1996 - Daniela Freitas - Brasil
1995 - Claudia Ferrari - Brasil (First World Tour Champion)

1995 - Mariana Nogueira - Brasil (Pipeline World Champion)
1994 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brasil
1993 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brasil
1992 - Mariana Nogueira - Brasil
1991 - Glenda Koslowski - Brasil
1990 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brasil

Eunate Aguirre sitting in as guest commentator with Steve "Action Jackson during the 2011 IBA Encanto Pro Puerto Rico.  She would go on to become World Champion following this event.  MannyVphoto.

(NOTE:  Not all of the Pipeline competitions were world tour sanctioned events.  Some of the women's Pipeline events, as noted, were US national tour events and/or regional events.)

2017 APB Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational, February 25 - March 10

2017 Pipeline Women's Champion Ayaka Suzuki from Japan. Photo: Alex Perez/ APB.

1. Ayaka Suzuki (Japan)
2. Valentina Diaz (Chile)
3. Jessica Becker (Brazil)
4. Hiromi Takase (Japan)

2016 - No Women's Pipeline Contest
2015 - No Pipeline Contest

(From Left to Right) 2014 APB Pipeline Women's finalists Emma Cobb, Jessica Becker, Lilly Pollard, and Alexandra Rinder. Photo: APB.

2014 APB Pipeline Challenge, February 18th-28th

1. Lilly Pollard (Australia)
2. Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands)
3. Jessica Becker (Brasil)
4. Emma Cobb (Australia)

2013 IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge, February 19 - March 1

1. Isabela Sousa (Brasil)
2. Minami Hatekayama (Japan)
3. Karla Costa (Brasil)
4. Sari Oohara (Japan)

2012 - Isabela Sousa - Brasil - IBA Pipe Challenge
2012 - Karla Costa - Brasil - USBA Sea Hawaii Pipeline Pro by Betty Depolito
2011 - Neymara Carvalho - Brasil - IBA Pipeline Pro
2011 - Karla Costa - Brasil - USBA Pipeline Pro by Betty Depolito
2010 - Luz Marie Grande - Puerto Rico - IBA Pipeline Pro
2010 - Karla Costa - Brasil - North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Pro by Betty Depolito

2009- no contest for  IBA  women’s only Regional by Betty Depolito
2008 – no contest for IBA Women’s only Regional by Betty Depolito

Jan 6-16, 2007 ( IBA International WWT 2006): US$10,000 Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro by Bob Thomas 
 1.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
 2.  Kira Lewellyn (Australia)
 3.  Aoi Koike (Japan)
 4.  Leila Alli (Brasil)

March 6 – 7 2007 ( IBA Regional WWT 2007) US$ 5,000 Cholo’s  Women’s Pipeline Pro by Betty Depolito

1.  Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)
2.  Natasha Sagardia (Puerto Rico)
3.  Aoi Koike (Japan)
4.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)

  2006( IBA Regional WWT 2006) T & C Surf Women's Pipeline Pro
Presented by Tony Volkswagon promoter Betty Depolito

FINALS:  Due to a shark sighting, the women’s bodyboarding final was unable to finish.  The four finalists decided to share an =1st result and split the total prize purse, $1,000 of  which was donated to the Don & Josie Over Fund.

=1.  Aoi Koike (Japan)
=1.  Mandy Zieren (Australia)
=1.  Lilly Pollard (Aus)
=1.  Moe Watanabe (Japan)

11 - 16 March 2005 ( IBA Regional WWT 2005)  US$ 5,000 Regional Event held for the Women's by promoter: Betty Depolito

1.  Kira Llewllyn (Australia)
2.  Daniella Freitas (Brasil)
3.  Mandy Zieren (Australia)
4.  Caroline Casemiro (Brasil) 

2004 – No Sanctioning with the IBA (International Bodyboarding Association)

February, 2003: ( International GOB WWT 2002).  $10,000 AWB 14th Annual Bud Light World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding in Memory of Don & Josie Over Promoter: Carol Philips

1.  Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
2.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)
3.  Karla Costa (Brasil)
4.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)

 Jan 6-16, 2002 ( International GOB WWT 2002).: $10000  AWB 13th Annual Turtle Bay Resorts World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding
in Memory of Don & Josie Over  promoter: Carol Philips

1.  Kira Lewellyn (Australia)
2.  Karla Costa (Brasil)
3.  Heloise Bordoux (France)
4.  Aoi Koike (Japan)

Feb. 2001(International GOB WWT 2001)  12th Annual V-Bodyboards World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding promoter: Carol Philips
in Memory of Don & Josie Over

1.  Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
2.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
3.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)
4.  Heloise Bordoux (France)

January,2001 (International GOB WWT 2000).: US$10,000 Mike Stewart Science Pipeline Pro - Banzai, HI  promoter: Bob Thomas

1.  Soraia Rocha (Brasil)
2.  Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
3.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
4.  Neymara  Carvalho (Brasil)

Feb, 2000 (International GOB WWT 2000 )US$ 10,000 11th Annual Hawaii Tourism Authority/ Voice Stream World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding promoter: Carol Philips
in Memory of Don & Josie Over

1.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
2.  Soraia Rocha (Brasil)
3.  Stephenie Pettersen (Brasil)
4.  Claudia Santos (Brasil)

January 2000 (International GOB WWT 1999)  $15,000 Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro Bodyboards World Championships promoter: Bob Thomas

1.  Karla Costa (Brasil)
2.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)
3.  Soraia Rocha (Brasil)
4.  Claudia Santos (Brasil)

Jan 1999 (International GOB WWT 1998) $10,000 Morey Bodyboards World Championships - Banzai, HI promoter: Bob Thomas

     1.  Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
  1. Karla Costa (Brasil)
  2. Claudia Santos (Brasil)
  3. Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)

January 1998 (International GOB WWT 1997) World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding

1.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
2.  Mariana Nogueira (Brasil)
3.  Soraia Rocha (Brasil)
4.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)

Feb. 1997 (International GOB WWT 1996) US$ 15000 8th Annual Baby G G-Shock Presents the X-Press World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding  promoter: Carol Philips in Memory of Josie Over

1.  Mariana Nogeira (Brasil)
2.  Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
3.  Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
4.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)

Feb. 1996 (International GOB WWT 1995) US$ 20000  7th Annual Baby-G Extreme Presents the X-Press World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding promoter: Carol Philips
In Memory of Josie Over  

1.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)
2.  Karla Costa (Brasil)
3.  Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)
4.  Claudia Santos (Brasil)

 1995 US$ 10.000 6th Annual X-Press World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding promoter: Carol Philips
I n Memory of Josie Over  

1.  Mariana Nogueira (Brasil)
2.  Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)
3.  Lucia Araujo (Brasil)
4.  Karla Costa (Brasil)
5.  Carol Philips (Hawaii)
6.  Andrea Guimeires (Brasil)

1994 5th Annual Toobs/ Josie Over World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding promoter: Carol Philips

1. Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
2. Mariana Nogueira (Brasil)
3. Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
4. Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)

1993 4th Annual Morey International Women's Championship promoter: Bob Thomas

1.Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
2. Carol Philips (Hawaii)
3. Leila Alli (Brasil)
4. Shawnee Oide (Hawaii)

1992 3rd Annual Morey International Women's Championship promoter: Bob Thomas

1.Mariana Nogueira (Brasil)
2. Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
3. Isabela Nogueira (Brasil)
4. Shawnee Oide (Hawaii)
5. Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
6. Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)

1991 2nd Annual Laguana Sportswear World Championship of Women's  Bodyboarding   promoter: Bob Thomas

1. Glenda Koslowski (Brasil)
2. Mariana Nogueira (Brasil)
3. Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
4. Alessandra Bove (Brasil)
5. Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)
6. Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)

1990 "1st Annual"World Championship of Women's Bodyboarding  promoter: Bob Thomas

1.Stephanie Pettersen (Brasil)
2. Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)
3. Chris Ann Kim (Hawaii)
4. Daniela Freitas (Brasil)
5. Sandra Ferraz (Brasil)
6. Shawnee Oide (Hawaii)

Women's Bodyboarding World Champions Claudia Ferrari, Neymara Carvalho, and Karla Costa at Rio Bodyboarding International 2012.  Photo: Bodyboarding 101

  I would like to extend my sincerest grattitude in saying thank you to Women's World Champions Claudia Ferrari, Daniela Freitas, and Karla Costa as well as Craig Hadden from the APB for helping to provide the information I needed to compile this list.

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CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

IN THIS EDITION:  Pipeline Wildcards Announced, Grand Flavour Signs Tanner McDaniel, USBA 2012 Final Rankings


  OAHU, HAWAII-  Last week, the IBA (International Bodyboarding Association) announced the Wildcard selections for the 2013 Pipe Challenge (February 15th through March 1st).   The chosen competitors are as follows:

Hawaiian legend Kainoa McGee will compete as a Wildcard in both the Mens Pro and DK Pro  at the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge.  Photo: IBA.

Spencer Skipper (Hawaii)
Kainoa McGee (Hawaii)
Alistair Taylor (South Africa)
Andre Botha (South Africa)

Aoi Koike (Japan)
Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)

Kainoa McGee (Hawaii)
Miles Kauhaahaa (Hawaii)
Bud Miyamoto (Hawaii)
Micah McMullin (Hawaii)
Chris Won Taloa (Hawaii)
Joe Jordanoff (Hawaii)
Marcus Rodriguez (Hawaii)
Cole Hansen (Hawaii)

For more information on the 2013 Pipe Challenge and all the latest news from the IBA World Tour, please be sure to check out "IBA World Tour" on Facebook and visit the official website:


Hawaiian Tanner McDaniel is the newest member of the Grand Flavour team.

  Australian-based clothing company Grand Flavour has signed Hawaiian supergrom Tanner McDaniel.  Tanner joins the likes of 2x World Champion Ben Player, Dave Winchester, and Jared Houston as a member of the GF team.  To check out the Grand Flavour clothing line and learn more about it's team, be sure to visit "Grand Flavour" on Facebook as well as their official website:


  With the impending announcement from the USBA (United States Bodyboarding Association) 2013 schedule coming up in the next week or two, here is a look back at the year-end standings from the 2012 US National Championship Tour season.

1.  Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)
2.  Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
3.  Kahekili Labatte (Hawaii)
4.  Matt Holzman (Hawaii)
5.  Sammy Morretino (Hawaii)
6.  Jacob Romero (Hawaii)
7.  Keahi Parker (Hawaii)
8.  Jacob Vandervelde (Hawaii)
9.  Trevor Kam (Hawaii)
10.  Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii)

1.  Roberta Bitzer (Brasil)
2.  Izamar Vivas (Venezuela)
3.  Karla Costa Taylor (Brasil)
4.  Claudia Ferrari (Brasil)
5.  Isbelia Valdivieso (Venezuela)
6.  Lumar Guitard (Venezuela)
7.  Liana Carson (Hawaii)
8.  Alejandra Altuve (Venezuela)
9.  Yanary Romero (Venezuela)
10.  Natasha Overin (California)

1.  Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
2.  Sammy Morretino (Hawaii)
3.  Brian Stoehr (Maryland)
4.  Pohaku Kekaualua (Hawaii)
5.  Alan Lamphere (Hawaii)
6.  Dan Worley (Florida)
7.  David Phillips (Hawaii)
8.  Pat Hemenway (New Jersey)
=9.  Bud Miyamoto (Hawaii)
=9.  Kawika Kamai (Hawaii)
=9.  Kahekili Labatte (Hawaii)

For more information on the USBA, including final 2012 amateur rankings, as well as all of the latest news and schedules, please be sure to check out "USBA Tour" on Facebook and visit the official website:

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  Hey, What's up?  Steve "Action" Jackson coming at ya with a quick BODYBOARDING 101 update!

  Here is the complete list of  Winter 2013 blogs from BODYBOARDING 101.  Enjoy!


Monday 14/1/13
CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

Tuesday 15/1/13
HISTORY: 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

Wednesday 16/1/13
APPLIED SCIENCES: Gearing Up for Winter Bodyboarding

Thursday 17/1/13
GEOGRAPHY: How to Pack Like Manny Vargas

Friday 18/1/13
PHYS. ED.: How to Duck Dive & Catch Waves

Monday 28/1/13
CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

Tuesday  29/1/13
HISTORY: Womens World Champions and Pipeline Champions

Wednesday 30/1/13
BREAKING NEWS: 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge Cancelled

Thursday 31/1/13
GEOGRAPHY: The Jersey Mobb in Hawaii

Friday 1/2/13
NEWS UPDATE: Pipe Challenge Update

Saturday 2/2/13
NEWS UPDATE: 2013 Pipe Challenge Re-Instated


Tuesday 5/2/13
BREAKING NEWS: GoPro Confirmed as Naming Sponsor for 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge

Thursday 14/2/13
CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

Thursday 14/2/13
HISTORY: Men's Pipeline Champions

Friday 15/2/13
IN MEMORIAM: Connor Cameron

Monday 25/2/13
2013 PIPE PICKS: Riders to Watch

Tuesday 26/2/13
HISTORY: 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

Wednesday 27/2/13


Monday 4/3/13
CURRENT EVENTS: Player, Specker, and Sousa Win at Pipe

Hawaiian bodyboarding legend Kainoa McGee.  Pipeline.  Photo: IBA

 Until the next time, I'm Steve "Action" Jackson.  I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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PHYS. ED.: How to Duck Dive & Catch Waves

PHYS. ED.: How to Duck Dive & Catch Waves

  This edition of "PHYS. ED. Friday" is a video tutorial of two basic skills necessary to get started with in to duck dive and how to catch waves.  These are fundamental skills you will always use and work to improve upon as a bodyboarder.  Video clips are from David Child Films' 'How to Bodyboard.'

VIDEO #1:  How To Duck Dive

VIDEO #2:  Catching Waves

  Okay, now that you've had a chance to watch the videos, it's time for you to hit the water for some practice!  Good luck and good waves!  Until the next time, see ya in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

Steve "Action" Jackson catching a fun little right-hander at Jenks (New Jersey, USA), October 2010.
Photo:  Chris Zeh

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GEOGRAPHY: How to Pack Like Manny Vargas

GEOGRAPHY: How to Pack Like Manny Vargas

Steve "Action" Jackson and Manny Vargas in San Diego, CA (August 2012)...a quick lunch at Luche Libre Taco Shop before both of us had to pack up and fly out to other parts of the world.

  Are you getting ready to head out on your next big bodyboarding trip, but you don't know quite where to start or what to bring with you?  Check out this short video of Manny Vargas packing for the 2012 IBA world tour season finale at the Fronton Pro (Canary Islands).  His packing tips can help you get everything together in a quick and easy way, reduce the stress of a last minute scramble, and have you ready to go in no time...

...Safe travels, good luck, and good waves!  Until the next time, see ya in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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APPLIED SCIENCES: Gearing Up for Winter Bodyboarding

APPLIED SCIENCES: Gearing Up for Winter Bodyboarding

  No matter where in the world you may live,  when winter rolls around it brings not only the potential for larger more powerful swell but colder water temperatures as well.  So whether you are upgrading to a springsuit in typically warmer locales or squeezing into a 5/4/3mm hooded fullsuit with all of the accessories in colder regions of the world, gearing up for winter bodyboarding sessions is going to require some adjustments to the equipment you choose to use for your next session.

Valentine's Day session, February 2007.  Manasquan, New Jersey.  6-8ft south swell.  Water: 36F/2C. Air: 30F/-1C.  Wind: Offshore 25mph/40kph.  Photo: Pat Grady

  I grew up bodyboarding in New Jersey (in the northeastern United States) and have spent nearly 25 years riding in cold water.  This has always required me to maintain a quiver of boards and a variety of wetsuits specific to the seasonal weather conditions at my home breaks.  These days, I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).  Obviously, conditions are a lot warmer here.  Winter in Rio, though, still requires some adjustments to the equipment I use here...just not as extreme as back home in New Jersey.  Listed below are some tips and suggestions to help with selecting wetsuits, wetsuit accessories, swimfins, and boards to help keep you geared up and ready to go for that next winter session.

  SPECIAL NOTE:  Please keep in mind that the "Recommended Water Temperature" for each type of wetsuit is a suggested range that may vary from company to company, as well as based on personal comfort levels.  Also, keep in mind that, when purchasing new gear, sizing of product (in the case of wetsuits, wetsuit accessories, and swimfins) also varies from company to company.  It is always a good idea to try on a few different sizes from several different companies, and familiarize yourself with what fits you best.  If you have any questions regarding purchase of equipment and/or sizing, be sure to visit or contact your favorite bodyboarding retailer.


Hyperflex Amp 3 Chest Zip Hooded Fullsuit available in 6/5/4mm and 5/4/3mm.
6/5/4mm & 5/4/3mm HOODED FULLSUITS:
Recommended Water Temperature: 0-4C/ 32-39F for 6/5/4mm, 5-11C/ 40-52F for 5/4/3mm

Reeflex Mercury Front Zip 4/3mm fullsuit.
Recommended Water Temperature: 12-14C/ 53-57F

Dunes DS1 Front Zip 3/2mm fullsuit.
Recommended Water Temperature: 15-17C/ 58-63F

Dunes Ben Player Front Zip 2mm L/S springsuit.
Recommended Water Temperature: 18-20C/ 64-68F for L/S Springsuit, 21-23C/ 69-73F for Springsuit


  A good 3mm hood goes well with a 4/3mm fullsuit and comes in handy on a cold, windy winter day.  When trying on a hood, be sure it fits as comfortably as possible.  If your hood is too small, it will create too much pressure on your head and give you a headache.  If your hood is too big, it will flush out every time you duck dive under a wave. Excessive flushing in cold water can cause "ice cream headaches"  which are definitely no fun!  If you are in between sizes, though, buy the smaller size because the neoprene will eventually stretch out.

  A 3mm cap goes well with a 3/2mm fullsuit on chilly, windy days when you want to cover your head but a hood is just a little too much.  The same suggestions apply to trying on caps as they do with hoods.  Be sure to try a few on to make sure it fits properly, and to make sure the strap doesn't dig into your neck.

  5mm gloves will help keep your hands warm during those winter sessions where a 5/4/3mm hooded fullsuit or a 4/3mm fullsuit is required.  For the more frigid water temps that require a 6/5/4mm hooded fullsuit, you might want to invest in a pair of 7mm gloves.  For the slightly warmer winter water temps, when you can get away with wearing a 3/2mm fullsuit, it's a good idea to have a pair of 3mm gloves in your accessories collection.  Making sure your hands are kept as warm as possible during you winter sessions is extremely important.  There is almost nothing that will kill a good winter session faster than painfully cold hands!  As with the hoods and booties, be sure to try a few different pairs on for proper fit and comfort.

  Bodyboarding booties, or swimfin booties, are an essential piece of equipment for winter bodyboarding.  As with other winter wetsuit accessories, be sure to try on a few pairs for proper fit and comfort.  If the booties are too big, they will tend to flush out too easily and will not maintain optimum warmth.  If your booties are too small, they will cramp your feet as well as eventually rip apart at the seems.  Avoid using surfing booties.  The rubber souls on surfing booties tend to create unnecessary pressure points when wearing them with swimfins, causing rather unpleasant foot cramping.

  Depending on what size foot you have and what brand of swimfins you use, you may need to purchase a pair of swimfins that is one size larger than you usually wear to compensate for the thickness of your booties. It is a good idea to try on your fins with your booties, when selecting your winter gear, so that you can make sure they fit together comfortably.  If the pair of fins you normally wear feel too snug when wearing your booties, I definitely recommend purchasing a pair in the next size up.  The only thing that will end your winter session faster than cold hands or feet is cramped feet!

  There are a couple things to take into consideration when selecting your bodyboard for the winter.  First, and most importantly, is the core material used in your board.  While PP (Polypropylene) cores are great for warmer waters, they are really stiff and rigid in cold water.  Consider investing in a board with an EFC (Engineered Flex Core)/3D core or the more traditional PE (Polyethylene) core.  These boards will be more responsive, providing more flex and projection in cold water.

  The second thing to keep in mind is the size of the board.  A lot of people tend to overlook the fact that when you are geared up in your winter wetsuit and wetsuit accessories, you are carrying a lot of extra weight that you're not used to riding with.  Say, for example, that you normally ride a 41" board during the summer. That board is not going to handle the same when you're wearing a 5/4/3mm hooded fullsuit (with gloves and booties) in the dead of winter.  Besides switching to a more flexible core material, you may want to consider up-sizing to a board with slightly larger dimensions to compensate for the extra weight and provide extra buoyancy.  In my case, I generally tend to ride a 41.5" bat tail.  I will move up to a 42," and as big as a 42.5," depending on the wave conditions and what type of wetsuit I am wearing.  Everybody is different, so take the time to experiment with different boards to see what works best for you.

  Hopefully, you'll find some of these tips and suggestions helpful in dialing in your winter set-up.  Remember, don't be afraid to ask questions, and try on a few different sizes from several different companies to find what you are most comfortable with.  As with just about everything in life, there is a little "trial and error" involved but once you tune in to the equipment that really works for you, you're going to be stoked!  With that said, good luck and good waves!  See ya in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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HISTORY: 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

HISTORY: 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

Eppo's massive frog air at Pipeline.

  The legendary 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest is a true moment in bodyboarding history.  The event was held in massive, heavy Pipeline conditions.  Some of the best bodyboarders in the world put it all on the line with epic performances that included 1993 World Champion Michael "Eppo" Eppulstun's huge "frog air" and a mind-blowing display of riding from Brazilian Guilherme Tamega which included his death-defying rolls and a 10 point ride.  GT would go on to win the first of his six world titles and was quoted as saying, "I was prepared to die to win it."  Here is video footage of this historic moment as filmed in VHS and edited by Jordan Stallard.  Enjoy...YEEEWWW!!!

Tamega's 10 point ride.

Photos and information from Bodyboard Museum:

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CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

In This Edition:  RIP Chuy Silva, Hubboards Launched, Jacob Romero Signs with Reeflex USA, Yoan Florantin Voted 2012 IBA Rookie of the Year, Daniel Ferreira to Compete as Pro in 2013


  PUERTO ESCONDIDO, MEXICO-  Mexican bodyboarder Chuy Silva died tragically in a motorbike accident.

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  ORLANDO, FLORIDA-  World champion bodyboarders and brothers Jeff and Dave Hubbard have unveiled their new line of bodyboards, HUBBOARDS, at the Surf Expo trade show in Orlando, Florida.

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  MAUI, HAWAII-  Hawaiian ripper Jacob Romero has sign with Reeflex Wetsuits USA for 2013.  For more information, visit and check out "Reeflex Wetsuits USA" on Facebook to "like" their page.


  REUNION ISLAND, FRANCE-  Frenchman Yoan Florantin has been voted the 2012 IBA Rookie of the Year for his exceptional performances on the 2012 Grand Slam Series (GSS) and Global Qualifier Series (GQS) events which resulted in his qualifying for the top 24 on the 2013 GSS world tour.  For more information on this story, please visit the following link:


  RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL-  After winning four amateur championships in the past two years, 19-year-old Brazilian Daniel Ferreira has declared his intentions to compete professionally beginning in 2013.  The 2011/2012 FEBBRJ (Federation of Bodyboarding of Rio de Janeiro) Open Amateur Champion as well as the 2011/2012 Rio Carioca tour Open Amateur Champion, Daniel got a taste of international competition last year at the IBA world tour's events in Chile and Brasil.

His solid performances in the Trials at Itacoatiara not only caught the attention of some of bodyboarding's elite riders, but provided Ferreira with the extra confidence and motivation to decide to pursue bodyboarding at the professional level.  For 2013, he plans to compete within the pro divisions on the FEBBRJ and Carioca tour events, along with select IBA world tour events.

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CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

In This Edition:  Taloa Joins The Alpha Campaign, Novy Signs with Nomad Bodyboards, Singer Receives IBA Injury Wildcard, McKenna Hired as KSP World Tour Manager.


  The Alpha Campaign, a Hawaiian-based clothing line that caters to surf/ bodyboard/ skate/ snow, has picked up Hawaiian legend Chris "Won Ton" Taloa as the latest addition to their already impressive bodyboarding team.

Taloa joins the likes of Paul Benco, Jacob Vandervelde, Bud Miyamoto, Dave Kelly, Calvin Cerrone, Tanner McDaniel, JB Hillen, Trevor Kam, David Tuarau, and 3x World Champion Jeff Hubbard.

For more information about The Alpha Campaign, be sure to check them out online at:

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Australian Michael Novy has signed with Nomad Bodyboards.  His signature model board should be hitting stores later this week.  The Novy signature model will be available in the following colors: Black, Mustard Yellow, Copper Brown, and Aztec Blue.

For more information about Nomad Bodyboards, be sure to check them out online at:

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Australian Dallas Singer has been given an "Injury Wildcard" for the upcoming 2013 IBA Grand Slam Series world tour, as voted upon by a committe of IBA officials and riders.  In May of 2012, Dallas suffered a broken ankle which forced him to miss a portion of last year's IBA GSS world tour and effected his final overall ranking for the season.  For more information on this story, please visit the following link:


Former International Bodyboarding Association world tour manager Terry "Teza" McKenna has been hired as the new world tour manager for the Kite Surf Pro World Championship Tour.  For more information on this story, please visit the following link:

Congratulations and good luck, Teza!

Monday, January 7, 2013

HISTORY: 1985 Pipeline Pro

HISTORY: 1985 International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Professional Championships at Pipeline

  Check out this TV edit of highlights from the 3rd Annual Pipeline chamionships (January 1985).  This originally aired in the United States on ESPN in the summer of 1985 and features such bodyboarding pioneers as Mike Stewart, Jack "The Ripper" Lindholm, Daniel Kaimi, Pat Caldwell, and JP Patterson.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This event was originally scheduled for December 1984, but moved to and run in January 1985.  As a result, it is some times referred to as the 1984 Pipeline Championship, and sometimes referred to as the 1985 Pipeline Championship.  In either case it is the same contest being referenced.

*Extra Credit:  The Morey Boogie Bodyboards commercial at the beginning of this video clip was filmed at Sandy Beach on Oahu with Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, David Cunniff, Pat Caldwell, and Lisa Miller.