Friday, July 15, 2016

JOURNALISM: Riptide Articles 2015

JOURNALISM: Riptide Articles 2015

Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine in Australia.
I'm Steve "Action" Jackson, and I am a contributing writer for Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine in Australia.

  From the first time I ever picked up a bodyboarding magazine back home in the United States, I dreamed of one day writing about the sport and lifestyle of bodyboarding.  When I was a grom, there were two magazines I couldn't wait to get my hands on.  As soon as the latest issues of Bodyboarding (US) and Riptide (Australia) hit the shelves at the local surf shop, I was there to snatch up a copy then fly home to freak out over the photos and read the mag from cover to cover!   That same sense of eager anticipation and stoke stayed with me as an adult.  Flipping through the pages, tripping out over the photos of my favorite bodyboarders performing high-performance maneuvers or charging waves of consequence all across the far reaches of our planet and reading their personal accounts of those experience always made me want to 1) go bodyboarding, 2) travel, and 3) be one of those guys writing these stories.

  Over the years, I've had the opportunity to contribute an article, here or there, for one magazine or another. Whenever asked, I would jump on the chance to write press releases for the USBA (United States Bodyboarding Association), IBA (International Bodyboarding Association), and APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders). I'm always stoked to sit down and write/type out a story.  Well, last year (2015), a life-long dream of mine was realized when I was asked if I'd be interested in being a contributing writer for Riptide.  I jumped at the opportunity!!!  Listed below are links for the online articles I wrote in 2015 and, if you get the chance, try to get your hands on a copy of Issue first piece for Riptide, the first section in a 3-part article about Brazil, is in there!

Cover photo for Riptide issue #204

The first article I wrote for Riptide.

My 2015 Riptide Article Index:

The P5 Connection

Favela Storm

Pro Junior World Tour Dark Horses

A Historical Look At The ISA World Bodyboarding Championships

In The Action: Team Australia

In The Action: Team Chile

In The Action: Team France

In The Action: Team Brazil

In The Action: The Lone Italian

Thank you to former editor Jake Dean, current Editor Michael Saunders, and Advertising Manager Dave Heavyside for giving me the opportunity to contribute! For more information about Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine, please be sure to visit:

Riptide Bodyboarding on Facebook

Friday, July 1, 2016

HISTORY: 1982 1st International Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

HISTORY: 1982 1st International Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

Daniel Kaimi (Hawaii), the 1982 Pipeline World Champion. Photo from Bodyboard Museum.



1st- Daniel Kaimi (Hawaii)
2nd- Jack Lindholm (Hawaii)
3rd- Mike Stewart (Hawaii)
4th- Joe Teipel (Hawaii)