Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day in the Life...Cali Trip: HB Sessions, Hollywood, and the Journey Home

A Day in the Life...Cali Trip: HB Sessions, Hollywood, and the Journey Home

Paul Pasa, Chris Pasa, and Steve "Action" Jackson in Huntington Beach after an afternoon session on the north side of HB Pier.  Photo: Frank the Dragon

  I spent the weekend cruising Huntington Beach with Paul and Chris Pasa.  We hit up an afternoon session on Saturday and were joined by Frank the Dragon for our Sunday session at the North side of HB Pier.  The waves were small (2-3ft.), but fun.  We took the opportunity to get out in the warmer-than-usual water (somewhere around 74F/23C), have some fun in the bowly conditions, and test out some new boards from the factory.  Good times!

  Last night was "Let's Be a Tourist" time for me.  I cruised Hollywood with Paul and a few of his friends.  We drove around Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, parked, and then roamed for a late-evening tour of "Hollyweird."  We hit up The Hard Rock Cafe for drinks and appetizers, Grauman's Chinese Theatre (pictured above), and walked around checking out the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  Today's my last day in Cali.  After getting in late last night (after 2am) and sleeping until 8:30am, I'm feeling a little sluggish this morning and sucking down coffee as I type this.  The game plan for today is pretty simple.  Paul and I are going to cruise over to the factory today to stamp my new board, I'm packing up tonight, and going to sleep early.

  Tomorrow is "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" status for me.  I'm flying from LAX back to New Jersey, taking the train back down to Spring Lake, and should be home by around midnight.  As of Wednesday morning, I will be in full-on running mode in setting up for the 2012 USBA Scion Jenks Pro which runs September 1st-10th in Pt. Pleasant, NJ.  I'll catch up with all of you on Wednesday from New Jersey...YEEEWWW!!!

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