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PHYS. ED.: Stretching Before Your Session

PHYS. ED.: Stretching Before Your Session

Last week's PHYS. ED. blog covered exercises and workout routines geared towards bodyboarding, especially for those days where there is no surf and you need to get a good training session in.  This week's blog is a quick one...stretching before your bodyboarding session.  It's always a good idea to stretch before paddling out for your bodyboarding session.  Whether the waves are big or small, stretching can help loosen up your muscles and help prevent injuries.  The suggestions made in the video clip below will get you warmed up and ready to hit the water:

  OK, so there you go...some quick and easy suggestions to get you stretched out, warmed up, and ready to go bodyboarding!  Now, get out there and enjoy the ocean this weekend!  Good luck and good waves...YEEEWWW!!!

Stretching out before you hit the water can help maximize your performance. Here, Steve "Action" Jackson, WWT competitor Roxanne Guerlotte (Reunion Island), and Manny Vargas maximizing their fun in Puerto Rico, 2011.  MannyVphoto

Thursday, June 28, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: IBA Salvemos Puerto Initiative

BREAKING NEWS: IBA Salvemos Puerto Initiative

28 JUNE 2012-  The International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) has launched a global campaign to “Salvemos Puerto” (Save Puerto).

  Puerto Escondido, commonly referred to as “The Mexico Pipeline“, is an internationally recognized surfing paradise and desperately needs the help of the global surf community.  The town of Puerto Escondido was devastated by Hurricane Carlotta on Friday, 15 June 2012, a Category 2 hurricane which was originally forecasted to make landfall as nothing stronger than a tropical storm.  Here is the link for the official IBA press release:

  To learn more about the Salvemos Puerto initiative, to purchase t-shirts and support packs, view the Puerto Hurricane Photo Gallery and more visit the IBA website.

Please help the Salvemos Puerto campaign!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

APPLIED SCIENCES: Choosing the Right Bodyboard Equipment

APPLIED SCIENCES: Choosing the Right Bodyboard Equipment

  There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing your bodyboarding equipment.  What size board? What tale shape? Are you going to be riding in warm water or cold water?  Are you going to be riding prone, drop knee, or both?  Taking these questions into consideration can really help narrow down the search.  First and foremost, you are going to want to figure out what size board you want, which will be determined by your height and weight.  This link from is a great reference point in figuring out what size board you are going to want:

Ebodyboarding Size Chart:

  Once you've figured out what size board you're looking for, how are you planning on riding it?  If you ride prone (laying down), prone boards generally tend to have a wider nose and a higher wide point. Drop knee boards, on the other hand, tend to have a more narrow nose and the wide point is set further back.  There are bodyboards available with what is referred to as a 50/50 template which can be used for both prone and DK, but a majority of boards are style specific these days.  Also, the water temperatures you ride in will affect the core material of your board.  PP (Polypropylene) cores tend to work best in warmer waters, while PE (Polyethylene) cores and the newer EFC/3D cores tend to work well in colder waters.  For some suggestions in helping to pick out your board as well as tips for findng the right leash, and swimfins that fit properly check out this video clip from Inverted Bodyboard Shop in Australia:

  When the time comes to purchase your new bodyboard, try to support your nearest Bodyboard Shop or one of the reputable online bodyboarding retailers.  They support bodyboarding 100%, and should have a solid base of knowledge to help answer your questions.  If you are going to buy a bodyboard at your local surf shop, be sure the person you are dealing with has a good understanding of the sport, and isn't just trying to make a sale.  Having been involved in the surf shop industry in some way, shape or form since I was 13 years old, I have seen and heard some real nightmare stories over the years...leash plugs being installed too close to the nose/rail, hitting the stringer while installing a leash, delaminating the surlyn by improperly plugging a board, etc.  If you're set to throw down your hard earned money on new bodyboarding equipment, the last thing you want is to have someone who is inexperienced with or just doesn't care about bodyboarding messing up your gear before you've even hit the water with it for the first time!  Here's a handful of suggestions for reliable bodyboard retailers to check out:

Alternative Surf:
Atlantic Bodyboards:
Bodyboard King:
Bodyboarders Surf Co.:
The Foam Co.:
Inverted Bodyboard Shop:
662 Bodyboard Shop:

Steve "Action" Jackson, geared up and ready to go for a cold water session in Belmar, New Jersey. Photo: Chris Zeh

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News


  The IBA world tour has reached the halfway point for the 2012 season.  There has been some heated competition, thus far, and things look very likely to intensify as the season draws to a close. On the Grand Slam series, Dave Winchester (Australia) has been dominant to this point with two wins and two 3rd place finishes.  Barring a full collapse in the remaining events, Winny seems primed to finally collect on that ever-elusive first world championship.  Here are the most recent rankings for the top 24 on the GSS following the Itacoatiara Pro in Brazil:

1. Dave Winchester - Australia - 6920pts.
2. Mitch Rawlins - Australia - 5400pts.
3. Ben Player - Australia - 5120pts.
4. Jeff Hubbard - Hawaii - 4820pts.
5. Mike Stewart - Hawaii - 4620pts.
6. Pierre Louis Costes - France - 4590pts.
7. Mark McCarthy - South Africa - 4520pts.
8. Guilherme Tamega - Brazil - 4440pts.
9. Andrew Lester - Australia - 4020pts.
10. Ryan Hardy - Australia - 3720pts.
11. Amaury Lavernhe - Reunion Island - 3700pts.
12. Jake Stone - Australia - 3600pts.
13. Sam Bennett - Australia - 3580pts.
14. Jared Houston - South Africa - 3520pts.
15. Magno Passos - Brazil - 3420pts.
16. Alex Uranga - Basque - 3400pts.

17. Michael Novy - Australia - 3320pts.
18. Chase O'Leary - Australia - 3120pts.
19. Uri Valadao - Brazil - 3020pts.
20. Tom Rigby - Australia - 2920pts.
21. Dave Hubbard - Hawaii - 2790pts.
22. Eder Luciano - Brazil - 2660pts.
23. Dallas Singer - Australia - 2620pts.
24. Damian King - Australia - 2320pts.

Winny and BP left the 2012 Itacoatiara Pro Brazil in pretty good shape in the GSS rankings...Winny is ranked #1 in the world and BP is currently ranked 3rd.

  Keep in mind that there is more at stake than just the men's world title.  Competitors will continue to battle through the very last event on the 2012 schedule to gain one of the highly treasured top 16 slots, as the riders ranked 17-24 will get dropped and the top 8 from the GQS (Global Qualifier Series) will move up to round out the top 24 for the 2013 GSS season.  These are, currently, the top 8 GQS riders:

1. Damian King - Australia - 5740pts.
2. Jones Russell - Australia - 4220pts.
3. Sacha Specker - South Africa - 4160pts.
3. Nick Ormerod - Australia - 4160pts.
5. Joe Clarke - Australia - 4140pts.
6. Liam O'Toole - Australia - 3452pts.
7. Brahim Iddouch - Morocco - 3432pts.
8. Charlie Chapelet - Reunion Island - 3360pts.

South African Sacha Specker has been a busy man in 2012.  Besides working as staff photographer for the IBA, he is currently ranked #3 on the GQS and #2 on the DKWT.

  Meanwhile, on the WWT (Women's World Tour), 2010 World Champion Isabella Sousa (Brazil) looks to be back in championship form in her bid to reclaim the women's title.  Here are the rankings for the WWT top 10:

1. Isabella Sousa - Brazil - 4610pts.
2. Karla Costa Taylor - Brazil - 3060pts.
3. Lilly Pollard - Australia - 2950pts.
4. Lumar Guittard - Venezuela - 2630pts.
5. Eunate aguirre - Basque - 2360pts.
6. Neymara Carvlaho - Brazil - 2340pts.
7. Anne Cecile Lacoste - France - 2310pts.
8. Minami Hatekayama - Japan - 2260pts.
9. Maylla Venturin - Brazil - 2120pts.
10. Natasha Sargardia - 2080pts.

2010 Women's World Champion Isabella Sousa is currently ranked #1 on the WWT.  Here, Isabella took time to come out and support the MWT event at Itacoatiara and do a few interviews for the Brazilian TV networks.

  On the DKWT (Drop Knee World Tour), 2010 World Champion Cesar Bauer (Peru) is perched atop the rankings, but South African Sacha Specker and fellow Peruvian Pancho Galdos are still within striking distance and have eyes on the DKWT title.  It will be very interesting to see how this title race shakes out as the remainder of the season progresses.  Here's the DKWT top 10:

1. Cesar Bauer - Peru - 4420pts.
2. Sacha Specker - South Africa - 4000pts.
3. Pancho Galdos - Peru - 3892pts.
4. Ardiel Jimenez - Canary Islands - 3727pts.
5. Kiko Galdos - Peru - 2507pts.
6. Grant Maloney - Australia - 2480pts.
7. Damian King - Australia - 2360pts.
8. Ryan Hardy - Australia - 2220pts.
9. Mason Rose - Australia - 2100pts.
10. Ricardo Sotelo - Peru - 2022pts.

  In other IBA news, The IBA Tand Invitational specialty event presented by Turbo Bodyboards got under way this past weekend in South Africa with the completion of the David Lilienfeld Trials on Sunday, June 24th.  The event is presently on hold with the current swell having "too much west in it."  Fortunately, the forecast is looking pretty good for early next week, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, here's the link to check out for more information on the trials, the heat draw for the main event, and more:

  In addition to the article for the Tand Trials, here is a teaser clip of what we might see next week:

  An added bonus for this year's Tand invitational, Wayne "Shaggy" Gardner has put up a special bonus prize...The Shaggy's Choice Award...$1500 Rand for the rider with the best wave OR the biggest wipeout of the event!

Stay tuned to and as well as the IBA on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for all of the latest news, updates, and highlight clips along with rider blogs, event schedules, rider profiles, and more.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Stay tuned for next week's CURRENT EVENTS on BODYBOARDING 101...all of the latest on the Tand Invitational as well as information for the Rebel Sports Australian Pro Tour's Box Beach Pro in Port Stephens (July 6th-8th), the USBA (United States Bodyboarding Association) Sandy Beach Pro in Hawaii (July 7th-8th), plus a look ahead at The FEBBRJ (Federation of Bodyboarding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Matte Leao tour event at Posto 9 in Ipanema (July 21st-22nd) and more!  See you all next time...YEEEWWW!!!

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HISTORY: Bodyboarding World Champions

HISTORY: Bodyboarding World Champions

  Here it is!  This is a comprehensive list of Bodyboarding's World Champions (Men's, Women's, Drop Knee, and Pro Junior) as compiled by Craig Hadden of the APB and updated, annually, by me.  This is our sport!  These are our champions!

2x Men's World Champion Pierre Louis Costes.



2017 - APB - Iain Campbell - South Africa

2016 - APB - Pierre Louis Costes - France

2015 - APB - Jared Houston - South Africa

2014 - APB - Amaury Lavernhe - Reunion Island

2013 - IBA - Ben Player - Australia

2012 - IBA - Jeff Hubbard - Hawaii

2011 - IBA - Pierre Louis Costes - France

2010 - IBA - Amaury Lavernhe - Reunion Island

2009 - IBA - Jeff Hubbard- Hawaii

2008 - IBA - Uri Valadao - Brazil

2007 - IBA - Ben Player - Australia

2006 - IBA - Jeff Hubbard - Hawaii

2005 - IBA - Ben Player - Australia

2004 - IBA - Damian King - Australia

2003 - GOB - Damian King - Australia

2002 - GOB - Guilherme Tamega - Brazil

2001 - GOB - Guilherme Tamega - Brazil

2000 - GOB - Paulo Barcellos - Brazil

1999 - GOB - Andre Botha - South Africa

1998 - GOB - Andre Botha - South Africa

1997 - GOB - Guilherme Tamega - Brazil

1996 - GOB - Guilherme Tamega - Brazil

1995 - GOB - Guilherme Tamega - Brazil

1994 - *GOB (Global Oraganization of Bodyboarders) - Guilherme Tamega - Brazil
1994 - *APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders) - Mike Stewart - Hawaii
(*transition from APB Pipe Championship to GOB as governing organization for bodyboarding's first world tour)

1993 - APB - Michael "Eppo" Eppelstun - Australia

1992 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1991 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1990 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1989 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1988 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1987 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1986 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Ben Severson - Hawaii

1985 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

*1984 - NO CHAMPION CROWNED THIS YEAR (*Pipeline Championship was originally scheduled for December 1984, but was rescheduled and run in January 1985)

1983 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Mike Stewart - Hawaii

1982 - Honolulu Bodysurfing Club - Daniel Kaimi - Hawaii

6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega (Brazil), 3x World Champion Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii), and 9x World Champion Mike Stewart (Hawaii) at an autograph signing promo during the 2010 Buzios Pro in Brazil.


4x Women's World Champion Isabela Sousa.

2017 - APB - Joana Schenker - Portugal

2016 - APB - Isabela Sousa - Brazil

2015 - APB - Alexandra Rinder - Canary Islands

2014 - APB - Alexandra Rinder - Canary Islands

2013 - IBA - Isabela Sousa - Brazil

2012 - IBA - Isabela Sousa - Brazil

2011 - IBA - Eunate Aguirre - Basque

2010 - IBA - Isabela Sousa - Brazil

2009 - IBA - Neymara Carvalho - Brazil

2008 - IBA - Neymara Carvalho - Brazil

2007 - IBA - Neymara Carvalho - Brazil

2006 - IBA - Marina Taylor - Canary Islands

2005 - IBA - Kira Llewellyn - Australia

2004 - IBA - Neymara Carvalho - Brazil

2003 - GOB - Neymara Carvalho - Brazil

2002 - GOB - Stephanie Pettersen - Brazil

2001 - GOB - Soraia Rocha - Brazil

2000 - GOB - Soraia Rocha - Brazil

1999 - GOB - Karla Costa - Brazil

1998 - GOB - Mariana Nogueira - Brazil

1997 - GOB - Daniela Freitas - Brazil

1996 - GOB - Daniela Freitas - Brazil

*1995 - GOB - Claudia Ferrari - Brazil
*1995 - Mariana Nogueira - Brazil
(*transition from Pipeline Championship to GOB World Tour)

1994 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brazil

1993 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brazil

1992 - Mariana Nogueira - Brazil

1991 - Glenda Koslowski - Brazil

1990 - Stephanie Pettersen - Brazil

1995 Women's World Champion Claudia Ferrari and 1999 Women's World Champion Karla Costa. North Shore 2011.


8x Drop Knee World Champion Dave Hubbard.

2017 - APB - Sammy Morretino - Hawaii

2016 - APB - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

2015 - APB - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

2014 - APB - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

2013 - IBA - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

2012 - IBA - Sacha Specker - South Africa

2011 - IBA - Damian King - Australia

2010 - IBA - Cesar Bauer - Peru

2009 - IBA - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

2008 - IBA - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii


2006 - IBA - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

2005 - IBA - Dave Hubbard - Hawaii

Damian King (Australia) was crowned the 2011 IBA DK World Champion, becoming the first rider in bodyboarding history to have won world titles in both the Men's tour (2003, 2004) and the Drop Knee tour. Kingy clinched the DK title at the 2011 Encanto Pro Puerto Rico.

2x Pro Junior World Champion Socrates Santana.


2017 - APB - Nelson Flores - Chile

2016 - APB - Socrates Santana - Brazil

*2015 - APB - Socrates Santana - Brazil

*2014 - APB - Tristan Roberts - South África

*The 2014 Pro Junior World Champion was crowned at the Sintra Portugal Pro in a single, stand-alone championship event.  2015 was the first year of the APB Pro Junior World Tour with four events (Itacoatiara in Brazil, Antofagasta in Chile, Sintra in Portugal, and the season finale in Puerto Rico).

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PHYS. ED.: Exercises for Bodyboarding

PHYS. ED.: Exercises for Bodyboarding

Everybody has there own approach to working out.  Even the top ranked bodyboarders on the IBA world tour have their own personilized training routines.  There are plenty of workout disciplines available to help improve your bodyboarding including some of today's more popular approaches with Yoga, Swiss ball, Russian kettle bells, and Brazilian jiu jitsu/MMA (mixed martial arts).  For exercises that are a little more bodyboarding specific, though, click on the link below:


  As demonstrated in the video link above, incorporating the use of a Swiss ball in your workout can definitely help.  Here's a Swiss ball workout clip from 2002 Women's World Champion Stephanie Petterson:

  Another workout that has become popular in the world of bodyboarding is trampoline training.  Not only is this good for helping with the mechanics of your bodyboarding maneuvers, but it is also being used to help develop new maneuvers.  Click on the link below to check out Jake Stone's trampoline workout:


  If you need help putting together a training routine that works for you, don't be afraid to seek out the help of a personal trainer.  A good personal trainer can help get you going in the right direction, with a customized workout and dietary guidelines, to achieve the results you're looking for and maximize your performance.  For more training videos, go to YouTube and Vimeo and search for "Excercises for Bodyboarding" as well as "Workouts for Bodyboarding."Good luck and good training!  I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

My morning workout gear...a bodyboard, a yoga mat, & a Swiss ball.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

GEOGRAPHY: The Bodyboard Travel Guide

GEOGRAPHY: The Bodyboard Travel Guide

This book is essential reading for every bodyboarder looking to travel in search of the best known bodyboarding waves in the world!  Here's a review clip...

  Here are a few online retailers where you can purchase The Bodyboard Travel Guide by Owen Pye:

Enjoy the reading and safe travels...YEEEWWW!!!

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APPLIED SCIENCES: How to Shape a Bodyboard

APPLIED SCIENCES: How to Shape a Bodyboard

First up, a two part video tutorial from well-reknowned Australian shaper Todd Quigley.  Watch as he explains core materials, rail and tail designs, and puts together a custom-ordered bodyboard with a Polypropylene core w/ stringer:

For more information on Todd Quigley, or to order your own custom-shaped bodyboard, be sure to visit for details.

Next, a run-through video of Australian shaper Glenn Taylor putting together a hand-shaped bodyboard with a Polyethylene/Dow core and 2x stringer:

Be sure to visit for more about Glenn Taylor and ordering your own custom Turbo bodyboard.

There are plenty of well-respected, talented shapers in the world of bodyboarding. Shapers like Pete "PMA" Anaya, Jimmy "JL" Linville, Nick "Mez" Mezritz, Todd Quigley, Glenn Taylor, Jarrod Gibson, Yamo, and Shaper Gato can shape boards that will work well for everyone from the up-and-coming local grom to the top ranked international competitor!  Included below, is a brief list of websites for companies that offer custom-shaped bodyboards, as well as links for online bodyboard retailers that offer custom board ordering through their sites: - PMA custom orders are available through this site. - PMA custom orders are available through this site. - PMA, JL, and Yamo custom orders are available through this site.

There is much more information and many more websites to be found, as well as plenty of shaping video clips to check out. Just google "custom bodyboards" and/or search for "how to shape a bodyboard" on YouTube, and you'll be able to dig up everything you need to know.  If you are looking to get a custom-shaped bodyboard for yourself, try a couple of different shapers.  When you find a shaper that works well for you and helps dial in your "magic board," though, stick with him!  For myself, personally, I have been using the same shaper for the past seven years...some amazing boards in that stretch of time, and a few "magic" ones that were mindblowing!  Now that you have a basic introduction to the world of custom-shaped bodyboards, go put it to good use and see where you and your shaper can go with it!  YEEEWWW!!!

Manasquan, New Jersey. Valentine's Day Swell, February 2007.  This was a "magic board!" 41.5" bat tail shaped by JL. Photo: Pat Grady

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CURRENT EVENTS: Dave Winchester Wins Itacoatiara Pro!

CURRENT EVENTS: Dave Winchester Wins Itacoatiara Pro!

The awards presentation at the 2012 IBA Itacoatiara Pro.  Photo: Action

Check out and for all the latest news, updates, photos, video highlights, and everything else you need to know about what's going on in the world of international bodyboarding!

HISTORY: Origins of the Bodyboard

HISTORY: Origins of the Bodyboard

  The sport of bodyboarding originated from an ancient form of Polynesian wave riding.  ALAIA (ah-lie-ah) boards, made from koa wood, ranged from 3' to 6' in length and were ridden prone (laying down) or on the knees.  This form of waveriding was observed and recorded in 1778 by Captain James Cook upon his arrival in Hawaii.  Alaia boards, eventually, evolved into the more modern PAIPO (pie- poh) board, made from either wood or fiberglass.

  The modern day bodyboard was invented on July 7th, 1971 by Tom Morey.  While living on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the town of Kailua, he shaped a block of foam using a hot iron, an electric knife, and sheets of newspaper.  He cut the rails at 45 degrees, then took his new creation to the beach to surf Honols, and the sport of bodyboarding as we know it was born!

Photo: Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey 1998...(from left to right) Tom Morey, Lanson Ronquilio (Hawaii), Alistair Taylor (South Africa), Keith Grace (New Jersey), Steve "Action" Jackson (New Jersey), and Jay Reale (Maryland) with the original bodyboard from 1971.

For more information about the origins of the modern day bodyboard be sure to check out the following link:

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Hey, what's up? Welcome to BODYBOARDING 101! My name is Steve "Action" Jackson. I've been bodyboarding for 29 years, competed professionally in the United States, worked on the USBA (United States Bodyboarding Association) national pro/am tour and Circuito Carioca in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and written for various bodyboarding publications.  I have, also,worked as a commentator for the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders), IBA (International Bodyboarding Association), ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals), WSL (World Surf League), and ISA (International Surfing Asociation).  I am, currently, an English-speaking instructor for the EBC (Escola de Bodyboard de Copacabana) bodyboard school, and an assistant instructor with the EGT (Escola Guilherme Tâmega) bodyboarding social project.

My blog is a comprehensive reference site providing accurate information and features these main subject headings:
  • HISTORY: The history of bodyboarding...pretty self-explanitory.
  • CURRENT EVENTS: Industry news & event updates from around the world.
  • RECAP: Reviews and final results for individual events as well as final standings for regional and national tours, as well as the world tour.
  • BIO/PROFILE: Biographies and profiles for bodyboarding's  top riders and notable industry figures.
  • PRODUCT PROFILE: Product and company profiles.
  • VIDEO: Bodyboarding video clips.
  • APPLIED SCIENCES: Covering bodyboard equipment and designs.  
  • GEOGRAPHY: Travel tips and reviews.
  • PHYS. ED.: Training, maneuvers, dietary tips, and water safety.
From time to time, you will also see "BEHIND THE SCENES" and "A DAY IN THE LIFE" blogs from various bodyboarding competitions, special events, and personal surf trips.  So, there you have it.  BODYBOARDING 101 will be your go-to site for anything and everything bodyboarding related.  For more information, please be sure to check out the following links:

Who is Steve "Action" Jackson?

EBC on Facebook

EGT on Facebook

  I'll catch up with all of you in the next blog.  Until then, I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!
Sincerest Regards,
Steve "Action" Jackson