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BEHIND THE SCENES: 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

BEHIND THE SCENES: 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

  In 2011, I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Hawaii. I had been hired to work commentary for the IBA Pipeline Pro, but my experience was so much more than just that of the contest.  Here's a BTS Photo Gallery, from during my time working the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro, for you to scroll through and enjoy!

The judges tent and announcer's area for the Pipe Trials at Sandy Beach on the South Side.

The beach marshall's tent and competitor's area for the Pipe Trials.

Beach Marshall Beeg Todd Martin.

The judges, hard at work during Pipe Trials.

Beach Announcer Terry "Teza" McKenna.


Beeg Todd with the selfie while I fill in on the beach announcing duties.

1986 World Champion and Pipe Trials judge Ben Severson and me at Sandy Beach.

Bodyboarding legend and creator of the el rollo Pat Caldwell with me at Sandy Beach.

Former Pipeline and GOB tour organizer Bob Thomas with Head Tour Judge Chico Garritano at the IBA Media House.

Dave Hubbard and Unko Warren.

Beginning the Blessing Ceremony for the Pipeline Pro at the IBA Media House.

Jacob Romero...before the beard!

The Joker strikes! Damian King photo-bombing Kona K and Kingsley.

World Champions Damian King and Ben Player.

1995 World Champion Claudia Ferrari and 1999 World Champion Karla Costa.

Pat Caldwell standing in front of the Pipeline Pro banners on display at Ehukai Beach Park.

Andrew Lester pointing out a set wave to 6x World Champion Guilherme Tâmega at the IBA Media House.

Matt Lackey, Manny Vargas, and me in the "broadcast booth" for the Pipeline Pro.

Aka Lyman and Mason Rose at The Lackey Project video premiere.

The Lackey Project video premiere was packed...couldn't move without bumping into a familiar face. (Left to Right) Beeg Todd, me, Aka, Mason, Manny, and photographer Matt Catalano.

Pipeline legend Kainoa McGee and me at the IBA Media House.

Teza on the mic with Judge Craig Hadden looking on during the Pipeline Pro.

When Manny and I arrived in Hawaii, the decision was made that we should stay at the IBA Media House with the rest of the production team. Even if it's a packed house, who's going to say no to staying on the beach right in front of Pipeline?!? I slept on an air mattress next to the bathroom. Manny slept on top of his board bag, in the bottom of a closet, with his newly aquired Korean Air blanket for three weeks!

Women's bodyboarding legend, Leila Alli.

Australian videographer Todd Barnes.

Australian photographer Ray Collins.

Jason Bitzer and Claudia Ferrari during a post-heat interview.

Bitzer interviewing Brian Wise.

Steve "Action" Jackson and 1997 Pipeline Champion Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie.

1993 World Champion Mike "Eppo" Eppelstun and Steve Mackenzie...Eppo and Macca are absolute legends!

Hawaiian DK killers Miles Kauhaahaa and Micah McMullin.

Manny V with 2011 Pipeline DK Champ Kim Feast.

One of the biggest surprises, and great privileges, during my time in Hawaii was being asked to work as the Beach Announcer and MC for the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. These guys were killing it out there!

I was beyond stoked to have the opportunity to announce my childhood idol Mike Stewart as the winner of the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic!

Another unexpected honor during the Pipeline Pro, for me, was being in the commentary booth during the Legends Exhibition!  I grew up idolizing these guys and, calling their waves was something I never would have imagined...I almost couldn't contain my excitement!  I felt like a grom again watching these guys ride! Photo: IBA/Sacha Specker

To be expected during a two week waiting period, there were a lot of lay days...but there always seemed to be something to do.  One day, a bunch of us got together for an "International Friendly" soccer match at Sunset Elementary School.

Every morning, the Japanese girls were the first ones out in the water!

How often do you get to sit in the same room with multiple champions like this?!? Hubb, Kingy, Macca, and Eppo at the IBA Media House.

9x World Champion Mike Stewart and Manny Vargas taking a moment to relax.

Hey, which one of you Aussies brought the vegemite? Mind if I put some on my toast?

Once upon a time on the North Shore, if you tried to shoot photos or film video at this spot the locals would, in no uncertain terms, tell you to leave.  Things are a little more chill these days, but still...playing around in the small stuff "somewhere on the North Shore" during a lay day for the Pipeline Pro. Photo: Manny Vargas.

VIDEO CLIP:  Playing Around in the Small Stuff. Filmed by Manny Vargas.

Lay day cruisin'...hitching a ride to Haleiwa. Photo: Manny Vargas.

After event officials called the lay day, Manny and I decided to make it a "Let's Be a Tourist Day" and hitched a ride from Ehukai Beach Park to Haleiwa. Photo: Manny Vargas

After a late breakfast at Haleiwa Café, we cruised over to Matsumoto's for shave ice...mmmmm, shave ice!

President's Day swell at Keiki. I got crushed on this one!

President's Day swell at Keiki. (Left to Right) Jade Robles (Hawaii), Hauoli Reeves (Hawaii), Greg Wouters (Aruba), Pat Caldwell (Hawaii), Manny Vargas (California), Jeremy Loefstok (Aruba), Kiril Shchegolsky (Isreal), with me and Jorge Colomer (Puerto Rico) kneeling in front.

"Action Jackson and Manny V coming to you live!" The 2011 Pipeline Pro was broadcast live online through Red Bull TV and locally on OC 16 TV in Hawaii. Photo: Snakes & Ladders

Me and Manny with Jeff Hubbard after his astounding come-from-behind win at the 2011 Pipeline Pro. Photo: Beeg Todd

One last sunset at Pipeline.

  That's all for now. Until the next time, I'm Steve "Action" Jackson. I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!