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Fronton King 2014 Recap

Fronton King 2014 Recap

  GALDAR, CANARY ISLANDS-  The 2014 edition of Fronton King ran in December.  It wasn't exactly all-time El Fronton, but the waves for the contest were still pretty solid.


  On the second and final day of competition, Guillermo Cobo would score the winning wave in a deadlocked final with less than five minutes remaining to claim victory...and the bananas!


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BEHIND THE SCENES:  The 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

The Spanish and English-speaking commentary teams for the 2014 ISA WBC.

  During the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship (December 6th-14th in Iquique, Chile), I had the honor of working as part of the ISA Media team.  It was a great competition, and an incredible experience.  Here are some of my personal photos from the event.

Antojo's was the restaurant sponsor. Competitors and event staff ate here every day.  I loved the food here!

Webcast Commentators Manny Vargas and Phil Mueller took on Team France in a game of ping pong at one of the local surf shops.

ISA Media team preparing for the Opening Ceremony.

Team Chile during The Parade of Nations.

South African representatives Iain Campbell and Pam Bowren during the Sands of the World ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, I caught up with Iain Campbell.  I had a lot of fun cruising Chile with him in 2014!

Manny Vargas and I jumped in for a group photo with Team Costa Rica...Pura Vida!

Getting ready to go for the day in the Spanish-speaking commentary booth.

The transmission room.

Stoked to finally be back in the broadcast booth with Manny Vargas.  It's been too long, brotha!

In the Spanish-speaking webcast booth during live coverage.

ISA Morning Show..Begoña Martinez and Manny Vargas with Team Brasil.

Team France.  "Bonjour! Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui?"

Team Puerto Rico cheering on Javier Cruzado while he is in the water competing.

Cruising Downtown Iquique with Danny Bycroft and Manny Vargas.

Every morning, the judges and media team would take a bus from the hotel to the contest site.  The driver would turn up the music, and everyone would get pumped up for the day ahead of us!

Team Portugal during the ISA Aloha Cup.

Competitors running to the water at the start of the Aloha Cup tag team relay.

I caught up with Sócrates Santana after the awards ceremony.  Stoked for this kid.  I have been watching him progress since he was 9 years old, and enjoy seeing him achieve success!

Hangin with the Saffas after the closing ceremony...Tristan Roberts and Iain Campbell.

Chile celebrating their team title...everybody wanted photos with the Chilenos, including the Mayor of Iquique!

Stoked I got to meet the Mayor of Iquique.  He even took time to have a brief conversation with me!

Interviewing South African Storm Prestwich after one of his heat wins at the WBC.

Frame grab from the live webcast...interviewing Sócrates Santana after one of his heat Portuguese!

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2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship Recap

2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship Recap

  IQUIQUE, CHILE-  The 2014 ISA World Bodyboard Championship was run December 6th-14th.  Here's a quick look at the final results.

South African Tristan Roberts claimed the Gold medal in the Open Men's Grand Final.
GOLD- Tristan Roberts (South África)
SILVER- Amaury Lavernhe (France)
BRONZE- Gabriel Brantes (Chile)
COPPER- Jeremy Arnoux (France)

Women's Gold Medalist Teresa Almeida from Portugal.

GOLD- Teresa Almeida (Portugal)
SILVER- Neymara Carvalho (Brasil)
BRONZE- Anne Cecile Lacoste (France)
COPPER- Yuleiner Gonzalez (Venezuela)

Amaury Lavernhe captures Gold for France in the DK Grand Final.

GOLD- Amaury Lavernhe (France)
SILVER- Cesar Bauer (Peru)
BRONZE- Iain Campbell (South África)
COPPER- Angelo Freda (Venezuela)

Yoshua Toledo takes the Gold on home soil for Chile.

GOLD- Yoshua Toledo (Chile)
SILVER- Tristan Roberts (South África)
BRONZE- Sócrates Santana (Brasil)
COPPER- Miguel Adão (Portugal)

U18 Girls Gold medal winner Carolina Botteri from Peru.

GOLD- Carolina Botteri (Peru)
SILVER- Anais Veliz (Chile)
BRONZE- Madalena Guerra (Portugal)
COPPER- Yumi Vasconcellos (Brasil)

Team France wins the Aloha Cup tag team relay.

GOLD- France
SILVER- Portugal
BRONZE- Brasil
COPPER- Venezuela

Chile wins the team trophy.

1. Chile
2. South África
3. Brasil
4. Peru
5. France
6. Venezuela
7. Portugal
8. Costa Rica
9. Argentina
10. Ecuador
11. Puerto Rico
12. Mexico
13. Panamá

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2014 Annaelle Challenge Recap

2014 Annaelle Challenge Recap

  BRETON, FRANCE-  The 2014 Annaelle Challenge, an APB World Tour specialty event, was run on October 16th-17th in what the field of 16 invitational competitors were calling the best waves ever in the Annaelle Challenge's six year history.

  In the first heat of Round One, Pierre Louis Costes scored some solid waves, but the big story would be Germain Romingou.  Romingou got lipped on what would become the "Best Wipeout" of the contest, and had to be helped aboard the safety boat.  He would be taken back to land and rushed off to the hospital to receive four stitches to the head and another four stitches in his elbow.

Germain Romingou about to get the ax on the wave that would win "Best Wipeout."

  Meanwhile, in Round Two, Alex Uranga (Basque) put together some big barrels and backflips to win his heat.

Alex Uranga put together several impressive barrel rides during his R2 heat.

The Final would be held on day two of competition, where Alex Uranga, Piere Louis Costes, and David Lefevre would battle it out with defending Annaelle Champion Jeremy Arnoux.

Alex and PLC open up strong in the final, both scoring solid waves, but Arnoux answers back by dialing into the sets. One wave after another he nails down a backflip, a barrel, and a big roll.

PLC started out Strong in the final, but just could not lock in a solid secondary score.

Uranga made a last ditch effort for the win, pulling into a set going left and finishing with a backflip.  In the end, though, Jeremy Arnoux would take the win.

Jeremy Arnoux in the Final of the 2014 Annaelle Challenge.

With this win, Jeremy Arnoux is now 2x Annaelle Challenge Champion.

Jeremy Arnoux celbrating his victory at the awards ceremony.

Also, by making it to the Final, Jeremy Arnoux and David Lefevre have been awarded Wild Cards for a 2015 APB World Tour event.

Here are the Final Results for the 2014 Anaelle Challenge:

Also, here are some final stats for this event:

Check out the highlights:

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