Monday, June 8, 2015

BEHIND THE SCENES: Neymara Carvalho Visits the EBR

BEHIND THE SCENES: Neymara Carvalho Visits the EBR

Stoked to catch up with 5x World Champion Neymara Carvalho!

  On Thursday, 4 June 2015, 5x Women's Bodyboarding World Champion Neymar Carvalho and Kpaloa swimfins visited with the EBR (Escola de Bodyboard da Rocinha) bodyboard school at São Conrado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  Neymara sat down and spoke with the students, and took time to answer their questions.

The owners of Kpaloa with EBR Head Instructor Wanderley Silva and Neymara Carvalho.

The owners of Kpaloa swimfins, sponsors for Neymara and the EBR, came by to deliver a brand new tent for the school.

The EBR is sponsored by the Caldicott School in England, Kpaloa, and the FEBBRJ.

  The new tent is emblazoned with the EBR logo along with the sponsor logos for the Caldicott School in England, Kpaloa swimfins, and the FEBBRJ (Federação de Bodyboard de Rio de Janeiro).

Always the consummate professional, Neymara proudly showing off her sponsors!

  After speaking with the class, Neymara geared up and hit the water for a bodyboarding session at São Conrado with the EBR.  The waves were a little small and the water a bit chilly, but everybody had fun scoring some waves with the champ!

The owner of Kpaloa swimfins with the instructors and students of Escola de Bodyboard da Rocinha.

  Big thanks to Neymara Carvalho and Kpaloa swimfins for helping out with the school!

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