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HISTORY: 2002 GOB WST Final Rankings

HISTORY: 2002 GOB World Super Tour Final Rankings

  The G.O.B. (Global Organization of Bodyboarders, also known as GO Bodyboarders) was the governing organization for the first professional bodyboarding world tour which ran from 1994-2002.  Prior to the GOB, bodyboarding had crowned its men's and women's world champions through a single world championship event, Pipeline, each year.  The Pipeline World Championship was run by the Honolulu Bodysurfing Club (1982-1992) and the original incarnation of the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders, 1993-1994).  The first year of the GOB started with the men, and the women were added to the tour in 1995.  The men had a two-tier system, the WQT (World Qualifying Tour) and the WST (World Super Tour).  The top 8 from the final WQT rankings became eligible to compete in the following year's WST.  If one or more of those eight riders qualified by finishing in the top 16 of the WST, the slot was offered to the next person in the rankings to round out the field of 24 WST competitors for the season.  2002 was the last year of the GOB, before transitioning into the IBA (International Bodyboarding Association, 2003-2013).  Here are the final rankings for the 2002 GOB Men's World Super Tour.

2002 GOB Men's WST Final Rankings:

1. Guilherme Tâmega (Brazil)
2. Andrew Lester (Australia)
3. Sean Virtue (Australia)
4. Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)
5. Beau Day (Australia)
6. Ben Player (Australia)
7. Alistair Taylor (South Africa)
8. Andre Botha (South Africa)
9. Damian King (Australia)
10. Ryan Hardy (Australia)
11. Jason Hazle (Australia)
12. Kelly Hunt (Hawaii)
13. Graham Miller (Australia)
14. Toby Player (Australia)
15. Mike Stewart (Hawaii)
16. Tyson Williams (Australia)
17. Joe Jordanoff (Australia)
18. Paulo Barcellos (Brazil)
19. Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie (Australia)
20. Ben Holland (Australia)
21. Spencer Skipper (Hawaii)
22. Mitch Rawlins (Australia)
23. Masanori Matsuda (Japan)
24. Jason Bitzer (United States)

  All Final Rankings information has been made available to BODYBOARDING 101 courtesy of Craig Hadden at the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders).

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