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HISTORY: 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

HISTORY: 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

  You might be wondering why I am focusing on 2011, and asking yourself, "How can 2011 be history?  It was only a couple of years ago!"  Well,  the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro is historically significant for several reasons.

REASON #1:    First and foremost, 2011 was the premiere year of the two tier format for the IBA (International Bodyboarding Association Party Ltd.) world tour...debuting the GQS (Global Qualifier Series), and the GSS (Grand Slam Series)which features the top 24 ranked bodyboarders in the world.  The 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro was the first official event of the new IBA GSS world tour.

REASON #2:  The Legends Exhibition.  In a show of respect for bodyboarding's past and the heritage of bodyboarding at Pipeline,  the IBA invited previous champions and innovators of the sport to the event for an "exhibition final."  For a short while, the sport of bodyboarding was able to turn back the hands of time, with these riders in the water...Pat Caldwell (Hawaii), the inventor of the el rollo.  Hauoli Reeves (Hawaii), the aerial innovator.  1986 World Champion Ben Severson (Hawaii).  1993 World Champion Mike "Eppo" Eppulstun (Australia).  1997 Pipeline Champion Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie (Australia).

From Left to Right: Legends Exhibition competitors Pat Caldwell, Hauoli Reeves, Ben Severson, "Eppo," and "Bullet." Photo: IBA/Specker.

2011 Pipeline DK Champion Kim Feast (Australia).  Photo: IBA/Specker

2011 Pipeline Women's Champion Neymara Carvalho (Brasil).

REASON #3:  Jeff Hubbard's epic come-from-behind win.  With five minutes remaining in the final, young Australian Tom Rigby had a commanding lead with a combined two-wave score of 14.65.  Jeff Hubbard was in 4th place in combination situation (needing two new high scores).  Jeff scored a 9.75 and a 9.5 for a combined score of 19.25 out of a possible 20 to take the win...an amazing comeback and a truly legendary performance!

Hawaii's Jeff Hubbard celebrating his win at the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro.  Photo: IBA

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