Monday, October 7, 2013

FALL SEMESTER: October-November 2013

FALL SEMESTER: October-November 2013

A rainy, grey day at P5 in Copacabana.  GoPro Photo: Diego Roberto
  Welcome to the 2013 "Fall Semester" of BODYBOARDING 101!  Here are the links for October through November...


Tuesday, 8 October- CURRENT EVENTS: September News Recap

Wednesday, 9 October- CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

Thursday, 10 October- BEHIND THE SCENES: Rio Bodyboarding International 2013


Monday, 11 November- CURRENT EVENTS: October News Recap

Monday, 11 November- BREAKING NEWS: Managers Resign from IBA Pty Ltd

Tuesday, 12 November- CURRENT EVENTS: Bodyboarding News

 Wednesday, 13 November- CURRENT EVENTS: 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Championship

Thursday, 14 November- BEHIND THE SCENES: Circuito Carioca Event #2: Posto 5

Monday, 25 November- EDITORIAL: Bodyboarding World Awaits Word From IBA Pty Ltd

Friday, 29 November- UPDATED BLOGS
HISTORY: Bodyboarding World Champions

HISTORY: Women's World Champions & Pipeline Champions

HISTORY: Bodyboarders with Multiple World Titles


  So, there you have it!  Until the next time, I'm Steve "Action" Jackson.  I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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