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BEHIND THE SCENES: Rio Bodyboarding International 2013

BEHIND THE SCENES: Rio Bodyboarding International 2013

Posto 5
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
September 3rd-8th, 2013

Men's Global Qualifier Series- $40,000 USD & 2000 points
Women's Grand Slam Series- $20,000 USD & 2000 points

2013 IBA World Tour event

  Construction of the event set-up for Rio Bodyboarding International 2013 began a week in advance of the actual competition.  Work crews were on the beach nearly around the clock, beginning in the early morning and going into the late night hours.  On several occasions, I joined Event Organizer Flavio Brito on the beach in the late evening to help oversee construction of the competition site.  For the week leading up to RBI 2013, along with the week of competition itself, I don't think Flavio got much sleep.  When it comes to organizing and running a professional competition, there is never an end to the work that needs to be done...always directions to be given, questions to be answered, problems to be solved, and there are ALWAYS unforeseen circumstances that need to be handled!  The end result, though, was worth the countless hours and sleepless nights.  The event structure for RBI 2013 was one of the most professional layouts in the sport of bodyboarding!
26 August 2013: Event Organizer Flavio Brito discussing site layout on the first day of construction.
31 August 2013: Almost ready to go...three days before the start of the event!
Ready to welcome an international field of competitors to Rio Bodyboarding International 2013...YEEEWWW!!!
Photo: Flavio Brito
BODYBOARDING 101: Everything You Need to Know About Rio Bodyboarding International 2013

IBA Press Releases:

2 September 2013: Check-in day...the flag for each of the 19 countries represented at RBI 2013 were flying proudly in front of the event structure.
The most professional broadcast team I've ever had the pleasure of working with...Beach Reporter Isabella Feijo and bodyboarding legend Jay Reale as my co-host!  Working with Bella and Jay was an honor and a privilege!

Moroccan bodyboarders Reda Benhima, Anas Haddar, and Adnane Benslimane came straight to rider check-in from Galeao Airport after flying in from the Sintra Portugal Pro!
IBA Press Releases:


3 Septmenber 2013: Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands) and Emma Cobb (Australia).
Babby Quinones (Puerto Rico) with Posto 5 locals "Mudinho" (one of the first ever deaf bodyboarders to compete in a major international event) and Hermano Castro.
This was the office for Jay Real and me during RBI 2013.  We jokingly referred to the webcast booth as "The Batcave" and a "Glorified Broom Closet" because of the small space and no windows...but it was perfect for the job at hand!
Jay Reale and Steve "Action" Jackson ready to go live for day one of competition!
Jay Reale and 6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega at GT's birthday party.
Parabens, Campeao...Happy Birthday, Champion!
IBA Press Release:


4 September 2013: Legendary Brazilian beach marshal Vina Lisboa and commentator Steve "Action" Jackson.
Photo: Flavio Brito
Brazilians Lucas Noguiera and Nicholas Bastos.
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5 September 2013: Webcast transmission control room.
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6 September 2013: IBA Head Judge Chico Garritano (Brazil) and IBA Technical Director Alex Leon (Australia) contemplating the event schedule for day four of competition. 
IBA Press Release:


7 September 2013: Some of the RBI 2013 event staff got together for a quick photo before getting to work for the day. Photo: Danilo Caboclo
Brasileiras...a bunch of the women's competitors from Brazil got together for this pic in the competitor's area...Nicole Calheiros, Paula Simao, Claudia Ferrari, Maylla Venturin, Juliana Freitas, and Patricia Setubal.
RBI Beach Reporter Isabella Feijo interviewing 2x Women's World Champion Isabela Sousa.
I snuck out of the webcast booth really quick to snap this pic of Brazilian Helliton Loureiro celebrating his win in the Men's GQS portion of RBI 2013! On the stage with him are (from right to left) 2nd Place Isreal Eduardo (Brazil) and in =3rd Brahim Iddouch (Morocco) and Diego Roberto (Brazil).  Congratulations to all of you...amazing performances!
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8 September 2013: 5x Women's World Champion Neymara Carvalho making use of the massage therapists on staff at RBI 2013 before one of her heats on the final day of competition!
Brazilian Jessica Becker celebrates her win after a dominant performance at RBI 2013! Photo:RBI
Jay Reale and Steve "Action" Jackson signing off..."That's all for this year.  We're outta here...YEEEWWW!!!"
IBA Press Release:

  For most of the competitors and event staff of Rio Bodyboarding International, the day after the conclusion of competition is a day to unwind and relax.  Many of the local Brazilians will show the international competitors around the area, taking them to such famous tourist destinations as Pao do Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) to ride the world famous cable cars or up to Corcovado Mountain to see Christ the Redeemer.  I may not be a "Carioca" (local), but for the first two years of RBI I have played tour guide..and I love it!  Last year I had the privilege of taking then-IBA Tour Manager Terry "Teza" McKenna (Australia) up to Corcovado.  This year, I brought Emma Cobb (Australia) to Corcovado to meet up with several others...local Hermano Castro, Moroccans Reda Benhima and Anas Haddar, and Canary Islander Alexandra Rinder.  I'm looking forward to seeing who I end up cruising up to Christ the Redeemer with next year!
9 September 2013: Visiting Christ the Redeemer with Anas Haddar (Morocco), Hermano Castro (Brasil), Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands), Reda Benhima (Morocco), and Emma Cobb (Australia).

Cruising up to Corcovado Mountain to see Christ the Redeemer after the comp is becoming an annual tradition!
Photo: Emma Cobb
Obrigado, Rio. Ate 2014...Thank you, Rio.  See you in 2014.
For more information and plenty of photos be sure to visit:

RBI on Facebook

I would like to thank everybody who helped make the success of this event possible:
  Event Organizer Flavio Brito, the government of Rio de Janeiro, the Secretary of Sports and Leisure, IBA, CBRASB, FEBBRJ, Chico Garritano and all of the judges, the RBI Security team, Danilo Caboclo and everybody in the Press Room, Natalia Jalecky, Beach Reporter Isabella Feijo, Jonathan Cardoso, my great commentary co-host Jay Reale, Beach Marshals Vina Lisboa and Sandro Barros, the SurfCore production team, all of the bodyboarding fans watching on the beach and tuned in to the live webcast from around the world, and...most importantly...all of the competitors who always put forth an amazing athletic performance out in the water!  Thank you to all of you for being such incredible ambassadors for the sport of bodyboarding!!!

Eu gostaria de agradecer a todos que ajudaram a viabilizer o sucesso deste evento:
  organizador de evento Flavio Brito, o Governo do Rio de Janeiro, o Secretario de Esportes e Lazer, IBA, CBRASB, FEBBRJ, Chico Garritano e todos os juizes, a equipe de seguranca de RBI, Danilo Caboclo e todos na sala de imprensa, Natalia Jalecky, reporter na praia Isabella Feijo, minha co-apresentadora grande comentario Jay Reale, equipe de producao do SurfCore,todoas o bodyboard fas assistindo na praia e santonizado paro o webcast ao vivo de todo o mundo, e...mais importante...todos os competidores que sempre estendeu um incrivel desempenho atletico fora na agua!  Obrigado a todos voces por serem tao incriveis embaixadores para o esporte de bodyboard!!!

  Until the next time, I'm Steve "Action" Jackson.  I'll see you at Rio Bodyboarding International 2014!  YEEEWWW!!!


  1. It was really my pleasure to work with you and Jay. Thanks for your support!

  2. wow cool blog - i love reading about this stuff. I'm a huge bodyboarding fan and i love the culture. I wish more competitions would come to my area (southern california) There's some good spots! I loved the videos too - I can never satisfy my craving for bodyboarding videos - thanks!
    Hey if you're looking for some good bodyboards check out our site, we do reviews and breakdowns of bodyboards.
    Awesome blog, I'm looking forward to more!