Thursday, April 11, 2013

GEOGRAPHY: Emergency Travel Kit

GEOGRAPHY: Emergency Travel Kit

  Through my experiences, I´ve learned that when travelling on a surf trip or to a competition it´s a good idea to pack an emergency travel kit...some tools and supplies that might be helpful in an unexpected situation, as well as a first aid kit.  With each trip and competition, I have refined my travel kit...adding items and removing items to maximize the efficiency of the kit.  I, usually, stick them in my board bag and once I´ve reached my destination I place my travel kit in my backpack which I always have with me.  Over the years, my backpack/ emergency travel kit has earned the nickname of "The MacGyver Bag"...ever since I began travelling with it, it has come in handy on every single trip I have ever been on!

  First and foremost, is the FIRST AID KIT.  Making sure you have a standard first aid kit is always a good aids, gauze pads, medical tape, antiseptic, latex gloves, scissors, and tweezers.  Most kits also come with packets of ibuprofen and anti-diarrheal tablets, an ice pack, and a survival wrap (reflective foil blanket).  I always add several extra items to my first aid kit:

-a whistle...for signaling help.

-a small reflective mirror...for signaling rescue aircraft.

-safety pins

-dental floss...believe it or not, you can use dental floss and a safety pin to make a fishing line in an emergency.  Trust me, I´ve tried it and it works!

-bug spray

-SPF lip balm


-eye drops

-a bandana

  For my TOOL KIT, I like to use an insulated lunch/cooler bag.  I can put my tools in it, or I can empty it out and actually use it as a cooler bag.  Here is a list of items I generally have in my kit:

-two flat head and one phillips head

-a small monkey wrench

-allen standard set and one metric set

-a wratchet set

-a box cutter

-one pair of work gloves or mechanic´s gloves

-a waterproof match container with wooden matches and a strike pad

-a magnesium strike pad...helps with starting a campfire

-glow sticks

-an LED flashlight

-a compass


-swiss army knife

-multi-tool (pliers, wire cutters, saw blade, can opener, knife blade, etc. all-in-one)


-small bottle of Gorilla glue...this stuff will fix just about anything!

-duct know the old saying, "If you can´t fix it with duct tape, it can´t be fixed."

-zip ties...a necessity for hanging contest banners, but they are also pretty useful in random situations.

-biodegradeable plastic keep trash in or, in case it starts to rain, put your electronics in.

-a small hammer

-parang (a small machete)...for those adventurous treks through heavy brush and/or jungle terrain.

-a tube of wetsuit repair

-epoxy repair stick...a two-part, hand-kneadable epoxy mix that can be used and applied underwater.

-an extra set of fin strings

-extra leash strings

-2x extra bodyboard leash plugs

  One of the great things about keeping a travel kit with you, besides being prepared in an emergency situation, is that it is very easy to put together and customize for your destination.  Hopefully, I´ve been able to give you a few useful ideas for the next time you head off in search of waves.  Good luck and safe travels!  Until the next time, I´m Steve "Action" Jackson.  I´ll see you in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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