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  Whether you´re attempting to prolong the life of your favorite old wetsuit or need an emergency repair while traveling,  it´s always a good idea to keep a tube of urethane wetsuit repair adhesive handy.  Here´s a quick and easy "How To" on fixing small rips and punctures on your wetsuit.


- a tube of urethane wetsuit repair adhesive/sealant

- a roll of masking tape

- a popsicle stick

- a wet cloth


1.  First, make sure that your wetsuit has dried thoroughly and that the surface of your suit is clean.

2.  Turn your wetsuit inside out.  Use the masking tape to cover and seal the backside of the rip/puncture in your wetsuit.

3.  Turn your wetsuit rightside out, and lay the suit out as flat as possible.

4.  Fill the rip/puncture with urethane wetsuit repair adhesive.  If necessary, you can use the popsicle stick to spread the adhesive and the wet cloth to wipe away any excess or drippings.

5.  Let the adhesive dry for 8-12 hours.

  After that, your wetsuit should be ready to go!


-  With the urethane wetsuit repair adhesive and sealant, always be sure to read the instructions label on the wetsuit repair packaging for all recommendations on usage, storage, and product warnings before using the product.

-  For larger repairs, be sure to contact your wetsuit´s manufacturer before attempting to repair the suit yourself.  Most wetsuit companies warranty their suits against rips along the seams and any type of manufacturer defect.  In many instances, the company will repair or replace the wetsuit for you, but the warranties are usually voided by any repairs made by anyone other than the wetsuit manufacturers themselves.

-  There are quite a few different brands of wetsuit repair available on the market which you can find at any decent bodyboarding, diving, or surf shop.  The product pictured above, AquaSeal, has been my brand of choice for many years and I always keep a tube with me in my bodyboarding supplies.  If you can´t find it at one of your local shops, you can purchase online at:

  That will do it for this edition of APPLIED SCIENCES from BODYBOARDING 101.  Until the next time, I´m Steve "Action" Jackson.  I´ll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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