Monday, January 7, 2013

HISTORY: 1985 Pipeline Pro

HISTORY: 1985 International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Professional Championships at Pipeline

  Check out this TV edit of highlights from the 3rd Annual Pipeline chamionships (January 1985).  This originally aired in the United States on ESPN in the summer of 1985 and features such bodyboarding pioneers as Mike Stewart, Jack "The Ripper" Lindholm, Daniel Kaimi, Pat Caldwell, and JP Patterson.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This event was originally scheduled for December 1984, but moved to and run in January 1985.  As a result, it is some times referred to as the 1984 Pipeline Championship, and sometimes referred to as the 1985 Pipeline Championship.  In either case it is the same contest being referenced.

*Extra Credit:  The Morey Boogie Bodyboards commercial at the beginning of this video clip was filmed at Sandy Beach on Oahu with Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, David Cunniff, Pat Caldwell, and Lisa Miller.


  1. That event was held in January of '85. There was no event in '84. The first Morey Pipe event was held in Dec. 82, the second was at Haleiwa in Dec. 83.

    1. ...Thanks, again, for the heads up Jay. As always, it is greatly appreciated. I need to sit down with you, one of these days, and pick your brain!

  2. Tom Boyle is saying that in 1984 the contest did run but its a matter of semantics because it shifted from Dec '84 to Jan '85 so it looks like a contest didn't run that winter.