Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HISTORY: 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

HISTORY: 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest

Eppo's massive frog air at Pipeline.

  The legendary 1994 Morey Boogie Pipeline Contest is a true moment in bodyboarding history.  The event was held in massive, heavy Pipeline conditions.  Some of the best bodyboarders in the world put it all on the line with epic performances that included 1993 World Champion Michael "Eppo" Eppulstun's huge "frog air" and a mind-blowing display of riding from Brazilian Guilherme Tamega which included his death-defying rolls and a 10 point ride.  GT would go on to win the first of his six world titles and was quoted as saying, "I was prepared to die to win it."  Here is video footage of this historic moment as filmed in VHS and edited by Jordan Stallard.  Enjoy...YEEEWWW!!!

Tamega's 10 point ride.

Photos and information from Bodyboard Museum: www.bodyboardmuseum.com.au

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