Thursday, October 11, 2012

GEOGRAPHY: Sao Conrado (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

GEOGRAPHY: Sao Conrado (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

    Sao Conrado is one of the most fun and consistent waves of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

  Unfortunately, Sao Conrado has also become one of Rio's most polluted beaches.

  With a continously increasing amount of garbage on the beach and in the water, riding waves at Sao Conrado has become dangerous.

  Adding to the pollution concerns at Sao Conrado is the sewage drain pipe that runs down from the nearby favela of Rocinha and spills out onto the beach and into the ocean.

  This sewage not only poses a serious health risk for the local wave riding community out in the water, but poses other major risks as well.  Standing pools of sewage water on the beach are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos capable of transmitting maleria and dengue.

  City efforts, thus far, to clean up Sao Conrado have not been enough to truly have an effect on the problem at hand.  The Salvemos Sao Conrado campaign has organized events to clean up the beach and raise awareness for this serious problem, but they need your help!

  Please help spread the word to raise awareness, as well as to raise much needed funds.  Visit and "like" their Facebook page to learn more about the Salvemos Sao Conrado campaign.


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