Thursday, October 25, 2012

GEOGRAPHY: IN-BETWEEN a film by Kim Feast

GEOGRAPHY: IN-BETWEEN a film by Kim Feast

Australian Kim Feast (on the right), the 2011 IBA Pipeline DK Pro Champion, with Manny Vargas. North Shore, February 2011.  Photo: Steve "Action" Jackson

  Remember those school days when you walked into the classroom and saw the rolling cart with the TV and VCR/DVD player?  You would get all stoked because you knew that, for the next period, you would be sitting in class with the lights out watching a movie.  Well, that's kind of what I am doing with this GEOGRAPHY blog for today.  Sit back,relax, and enjoy IN-BETWEEN.  This full-length bodyboard movie was funded, filmed, and edited by Australian bodyboarder and 2011 IBA Pipeline DK Pro Champion Kim Feast.  Segments of this film have appeared on YouTube, Vimeo, and the Inverted podcast series throughout the course of the past year.  Here it is, in it's entirety, for your viewing pleasure.  If this doesn't get you amped up to book a trip to Morocco, Hawaii, or West Oz you might want to check your pulse for signs of life!  Enjoy the movie...YEEEWWW!!!

For more information, visit!/kim.feast

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