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GEOGRAPHY: Puerto Escondido

GEOGRAPHY: Puerto Escondido

  Puerto Escondido (meaning "Hidden Port") is located in Oaxaca, Mexico.  It began as a small fishing village in the early 20th century.  In the 1960's, Highway 200 was built, connecting the Oaxacan coastal towns to Acapulco. This opened the way for travelling surfers and tourists to find the prestine beaches around Puerto and tourism began to flourish.  Puerto Escondido is one of the most important tourist attractions on the Oaxacan coast as well as one of the oldest tourist destinations in the region.  It is a top destination for bodyboarders, surfers, backpackers, and Mexican families with the beaches and waves being it's main attractions. The most famous of these beaches is the internationally known Zicatela, nicknamed "The Mexican Pipeline," which is known for it's big wave potential and plays host to the IBA Zicatela Pro and other surf related competitions.

Puerto perfection! Photo: IBA/ Sacha Specker

For more information, google "Puerto Escondido, Mexico" and you can also click on this link for Wikipedia (which I used as a reference point for the information above):,_Oaxaca

  In early June, Puerto Escondido was devastated by Hurricane Carlotta, a Category 2 hurricane that was originally forecasted to be nothing more than a tropical storm.  In an effort to help rebuild Puerto Escondido and revive the tourism-based economy, the IBA has launched the "Salvemos Puerto" campaign.

  The IBA, in an effort to raise funds for the rebuilding of Puerto Escondido, has "Salvemos Puerto" well as industry packs donated by Turbo Bodyboards, Inverted Bodyboard Shop, Reeflex Wetsuits, and Freedom Fins...for sale.  Proceeds go to the "Save Puerto" campaign.  To make a purchase, please visit:

Andrew Lester wearing his "Salvemos Puerto" t-shirt.

  Also, the IBA has made the 2011 Zicatela Pro documentary available for a $5 donation to the "Salvemos Puerto" campaign.  To make a donation, and see the documentary go to:

Dallas Singer with a huge air at the 2011 Zicatela Pro. Photo: IBA/Ray Collins
  For more information on the "Salvemos Puerto" campaign and how you can help along with all the latest news, updates, photo galleries and more stay tuned to

Mitch Rawlins lending a helping hand in Mexico.  Will you help the IBA help Puerto? Photo: IBA/Sacha Specker

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