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RECAP: 2014 Australian Bodyboarding Awards

RECAP: 2014 Australian Bodyboarding Awards

  The 2014 Australian Bodyboarding Awards were held in Sydney on December 5th, 2014.  Riptide Magazine announced it's annual Bodyboarder of the Year winners.  The evening also saw the Australian Bodyboarding Association awards prentation, as well as the 2014 inductees to the Australian Bodyboarding Hall of Fame.  Here's a quick rundown of the evening's winners and honorees!


Men's Bodyboarder of the Year: Ben Player (Austrália)

Men's Top 10:
1. Bem Player (Austrália)
2. Jared Houston (South África)
3. Pierre Louis Costes (France)
4. Dave Winchester (Austrália)
5. Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island)
=6. Mitch Rawlins (Austrália)
=6. Nick Gornall (Austrália)
8. Jake Stone (Austrália)
9. Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)
10. Jase Finlay (Austrália)

Women's Bodyboarder of the Year: Isabela Sousa (Brazil)

Women's Top 5:
1. Isabela Sousa (Brazil)
2. Lilly Pollard (Austrália)
3. Alexandra Rinder (Canary Islands)
4. Jessica Becker (Brazil)
5. Emma Cobb (Austrália)

Dropkneer of the Year: Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)

DK Top 5:
1. Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
2. Matt Lackey (Austrália)
3. Bod Miyamoto (Hawaii)
4. Sacha Specker (South África)
5. Cesar Bauer (Peru)

Grom of the Year: Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii)

Heaviest Wave of the Year: Lewy Finnegan (Austrália, at The Right in WA- Ritide #197)

Biggest Move of the Year: Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii, at Honolua Bay in Maui- from Hubboards: The Movie)

Best Feature Film of the Year: Passing Through (James Kates/ LeBoogie)

Best Short Film of the Year: The Mexican Mirage (Miller Best/ Pride Bodyboards)

Photographer of the Year: Sacha Specker (South África)


2014 ABA National Champion: Jake Stone

Top 5:
1. Jake Stone
2. Joe Clarke
3. Lachlan Cramsie
4. Davis Blackwell
5. George Humphreys

Rookie of the Year: Josh Keenan

Global Achievement: Lilly Pollard

Community Service: Aaron Dodds (Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarding Association, Jeff Wilcox Memorial Director)


2014 Inductees:

Steve "Bullet" Mackenzie
Adam "Wingnut" Smith

For more information, please be sure to visit:

Official Riptide Press Release

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