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HISTORY: ETB Champions

HISTORY: ETB Champions

European Tour of Bodyboard

2014 EBT Women's Champion Joana Schenker.

2015: Joana Schenker (Portugal)
2014: Joana Schenker (Portugal)
2013: Catarina Sousa (Portugal)
2012: Nicholle Calheiros (Brazil)
2011: Eunate Aquirre (Basque)
2010: Rita Pires (Portugal)
2009: Marta Fernandez (Portugal)
2008: Heloise Bourroux (France)
2007: Eunate Aquirre (Basque)
2006: Heloise Bourroux (France)
2005: Heloise Bourroux (France)
2004: Neymara Carvalho (Brazil)
2003: Marina Taylor (Canary Islands)
2002: Marina Taylor (Canary Islands)
2001: Heloise Bourroux (France)
2000: Rita Pires (Portugal)
1999: Rita Pires (Portugal)
1998: Catarina Sousa (Portugal)

3x ETB Men's Champion Pierre Louis Costes.

2015: Pierre Louis Costes (France)
2014: Pierre Louis Costes (France)
2013: Pierre Louis Costes (France)
2012: Pierre Louis Costes (France)
2011: Yeray Martinez (Canary Islands)
2010: Jeremy Arnoux (France)
2009: Hugo Pinheiro (Portugal)
2008: Manuel Centeno (Portugal)
2007: Silvano Lourenço (Portugal)
2006: Manuel Centeno (Portugal)
2005: David Perez (Spain)
2004: Hugo Pinheiro (Portugal)
2003: Hugo Pinheiro (Portugal)
2002: Cedric Dufaure (France)
2001: Manuel Centeno (Portugal)
2000: David Perez (Spain)
1999: Nicolas Capdeville (France)
1998: Hugo Carvalho (Portugal)

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