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2014 Annaelle Challenge Recap

2014 Annaelle Challenge Recap

  BRETON, FRANCE-  The 2014 Annaelle Challenge, an APB World Tour specialty event, was run on October 16th-17th in what the field of 16 invitational competitors were calling the best waves ever in the Annaelle Challenge's six year history.

  In the first heat of Round One, Pierre Louis Costes scored some solid waves, but the big story would be Germain Romingou.  Romingou got lipped on what would become the "Best Wipeout" of the contest, and had to be helped aboard the safety boat.  He would be taken back to land and rushed off to the hospital to receive four stitches to the head and another four stitches in his elbow.

Germain Romingou about to get the ax on the wave that would win "Best Wipeout."

  Meanwhile, in Round Two, Alex Uranga (Basque) put together some big barrels and backflips to win his heat.

Alex Uranga put together several impressive barrel rides during his R2 heat.

The Final would be held on day two of competition, where Alex Uranga, Piere Louis Costes, and David Lefevre would battle it out with defending Annaelle Champion Jeremy Arnoux.

Alex and PLC open up strong in the final, both scoring solid waves, but Arnoux answers back by dialing into the sets. One wave after another he nails down a backflip, a barrel, and a big roll.

PLC started out Strong in the final, but just could not lock in a solid secondary score.

Uranga made a last ditch effort for the win, pulling into a set going left and finishing with a backflip.  In the end, though, Jeremy Arnoux would take the win.

Jeremy Arnoux in the Final of the 2014 Annaelle Challenge.

With this win, Jeremy Arnoux is now 2x Annaelle Challenge Champion.

Jeremy Arnoux celbrating his victory at the awards ceremony.

Also, by making it to the Final, Jeremy Arnoux and David Lefevre have been awarded Wild Cards for a 2015 APB World Tour event.

Here are the Final Results for the 2014 Anaelle Challenge:

Also, here are some final stats for this event:

Check out the highlights:

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