Friday, June 29, 2012

PHYS. ED.: Stretching Before Your Session

PHYS. ED.: Stretching Before Your Session

Last week's PHYS. ED. blog covered exercises and workout routines geared towards bodyboarding, especially for those days where there is no surf and you need to get a good training session in.  This week's blog is a quick one...stretching before your bodyboarding session.  It's always a good idea to stretch before paddling out for your bodyboarding session.  Whether the waves are big or small, stretching can help loosen up your muscles and help prevent injuries.  The suggestions made in the video clip below will get you warmed up and ready to hit the water:

  OK, so there you go...some quick and easy suggestions to get you stretched out, warmed up, and ready to go bodyboarding!  Now, get out there and enjoy the ocean this weekend!  Good luck and good waves...YEEEWWW!!!

Stretching out before you hit the water can help maximize your performance. Here, Steve "Action" Jackson, WWT competitor Roxanne Guerlotte (Reunion Island), and Manny Vargas maximizing their fun in Puerto Rico, 2011.  MannyVphoto

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