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HISTORY: The Annaëlle Challenge

HISTORY: The Annaëlle Challenge

  The Annaëlle Challenge is an APB World Bodyboarding Tour specialty event that was created by Event Organizer and Director Gwen Renambot, and has been running since 2009.

The wave "Annaëlle" is located in the northwest of France in Brittany, hidden behind a very small island off the coast.  It takes approximately 10 minutes by boat to get to the island. The wave works best on a NW swell in the 3.5 meter range (roughly 10-12ft.) with south winds but as Renambot pointed out, "You need a small tidal coefficient to have enough competition time.  For the good conditions, it's not easy. Good swell, good winds, small tidal coefficient."  When all of these elements come together, though, they can make for what Gwen calls a, "Perfect Day."  Average water temperatures are around 14C/57F, so a good 3/2mm steamer is definitely necessary.  Weather during the 3-month long contest waiting period, September through December, can also be a bit brisk as well, so don't forget your jacket.

  On the organizational side of things, Renambot has a small army of people that help with the event. Cedric Henry and Nicolas Bouvrais came on board in 2012 and help with communications, media relations, community management, graphic design, and more. During competition days, there are upwards of 20 volunteers from the Tomahawk Bodyboard-Surf Club lending a helping hand.

Here is a look at the complete results for each year of the Annaëlle Challenge:

1. Yoan Florantin
2.  Erwan Genre
3.  Sylvain Langlet
4.  Benoît Cren
5.  David Lefèvre
5. Yves-Marie Le Fourn
7.  Laurent Jegoudez
8.  Irwin Cloarec
9.  Alan L’helgouach
10.  Pierre Le Duff
11.  Yannick Allançon
12.  Mathieu Milélla
13.  Hadrien Cosmidis
14.  Yann Salaun
15.  Alan Genre
16. Guillaume Habasque

2009 Video Highlights (Day One):

2009 Video Highlights (Day Two):

1.  Erwan Genre
2.  Guillaume Sautron
3.  Martin Viezzer
4.  Germain Romigou
5.  Laurent Jégoudez
6.  Benoit Cren
7.  Ghislain Vaginay
8.  Nicolas Marianneli
9.  Yann Salaun
10.  Antonin Ortoli
11.  Julien Bourseguin
12.  Yves-Marie Le Fourn
13.  Yannick Allançon
14.  Julien Le Séhan
15.  Alan L’Helgouach
16.  Maël L’Helgouach

2010 Video Highlights:

2011: NO EVENT

1.  Alex Uranga
2.  Yoan Florantin
3.  Yann Salaun
4.  Beneat Elosua
5.  Clément Lodeho
6.  Sylvain Langlet
7.  Irwin Cloarec
8.  Inico Ganzarain
9.  Derek Crater
10.  Arthur Cony
11.  Yves-Marie Le Fourn
12.  Guillaume Sautron
13.  Fred Quemener
14.  Jean Seb Geffroy
15.  Laurent Jegoudez
16.  Antoine Daviau
17.  Davo Lefèvre
18.  Erwan Genre
19. Alex Gavinet
20.  Jordan Le Doze

2012 Video Highlights:

1.  Jeremy Arnoux
2.  Alex Uranga
3.  Erwan Genre
4.  Borja Gainzarain
5.  Yves-Marie Le Fourn
6.  Martin Mouradian
6.  Morgan Le Quellec
8.  Yann Salaun
9.  Derek Crater
10.  Julien Le Séhan
11.  Laurent Dauenhauer
12.  Ghislain Vaginay
13.  Simon Carnot
14.  Benjamin Nénert
15.  Laurent Jegoudez
16.  Guillaume Sautron

2013 Video Highlights:

1.   Jeremy Arnoux
2.   Alex Uranga
3.   Pierre Louis Costes
4.   David Le Fèvre
5.   Borja Gainzarain
6.   Derek Crater
7.   Yves-Marie Le Fourn
8.   Julien Le Séhan
9.   Mickael Kerlir
10.  Max Ausina
11.  Morgan Le Quellec
12.  Laurent Jegoudez
13.  Simon Carnot
14.  Ghislain Vaginay
15.  Adrien Montmeau
16.  Germain Romigou (Injured)

2014 Video Highlights:

1.  Pierre-Louis Costes
2.  Jérémy Arnoux
3.  Julien Le Séhan
4.  Borja Gainzarain
5.  Laurent Begue
6.  Yves-Marie Le Fourn
7.  Yann Mestelan
8.  Killian Quirroz
9.  Geoff Vaquie
10.  Derek Crater
11.  Chinook Richard (injured)
12.  Davo Le Fèvre
13.  Erwan Genre
14.  Laurent Jegoudez
15.  Sylvain Langlet
16.  Irwin Cloarec (injured)

2015 Video Highlights:

2016: NO EVENT

See you all in 2017!!!

For more information about the Annaëlle Challenge, please be sure to visit:

Annaëlle Challenge on Facebook

Annaëlle Challenge official website

Annaëlle Challenge YouTube Channel

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