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RECAP: 2015 Itacoatiara Pro Brazil

RECAP: 2015 Itacoatiara Pro Brazil

July 2nd-July 12th, 2015

(2015 Itacoatiara Pro Teaser Trailer)

(2015 Itacoatiara Pro Wild Cards)

(Day One Highlights)

(Day Two Highlights)

(Day Three Highlights)

(Day Four Highlights)


Moz wins the Itacoatiara Pro for the second time in three seasons! Photo: APB Media

(Men's Pro)
1. Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island)
2. Uri Valadão (Brazil)
3. Kalani Lattanzi (Brazil)
4. Antônio Cardoso (Portugal)

Tanner McDaniel claims victory at the first event of the 2015 Pro Junior World Tour. Photo: APB Media

(Pro Junior)
1. Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii)
2. Matheus Bastos (Brazil)
=3. Sócrates Santana (Brazil)
=3. Gabriel Oliveira (Brazil)

*SPECIAL MOMENT:  At the conclusion of the 2015 Itacoatiara Pro Brazil, 6x World Champion Guilherme Tâmega officially announced his retirement from full-time competition on the world tour.

GT retires. Photo: APB Media

For more information, please be sure to visit:

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