Monday, November 25, 2013

EDITORIAL: Bodyboarding World Awaits Word From IBA Pty Ltd

EDITORIAL: Bodyboarding World Awaits Word From IBA Pty Ltd

  It has been two weeks since news broke regarding the managerial resignations within IBA Pty Ltd.  The very next day, it was officially announced that the Men's Grand Slam Series world tour season finale at Fronton (Gran Canaria, Spain) had been cancelled.  Since then, IBA Pty Ltd has gone silent while rumors and speculation have run wild through the international bodyboarding community.  With the cancellation of the 2013 World Tour's final event,  there are countless questions being asked, but very few if any answers being offered at the moment.

  The paramount question, obviously, is who is the 2013 Men's World Champion?  After four events, 2x World Champion Ben Player (Australia) and 2010 World Champion Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island) both have two wins and are tied for the title with 5900 points each.  In what may be one of the worst kept secrets in the history of bodyboarding, sources close to the IBA World Tour have suggested that Ben Player will be crowned 2013 World Champion by way of reverting to the 2012 final standings as a tie-breaker.  This was, unofficially, confirmed by Amaury Lavernhe in a post on his Facebook page.  Still, there has been no official announcement from IBA Pty Ltd.

  While the bodyboarding world awaits confirmation of its world champion, there are also other confirmations to be made.  Who is the 2013 IBA Rookie of the Year?  Who is the GQS (Global Qualifier Series) 2013 Champion?  According to the official rankings following the final Men's GQS event, The Encanto Pro Puerto Rico, Lucas Noguiera (Brasil) was the GQS points leader.  The 2013 IBA World Tour may have come to an unfortunate finish, but it seems only right to officially confirm and acknowldge the accomplishments of our sport's competitors and bring some sort of closure to this season.  The entire world of bodyboarding is waiting for IBA Pty Ltd to officially recognize it's 2013 champions.  Out of respect for all of the tour competitors as well as all of bodyboarding's loyal supporters, an official announcement needs to be made...sooner rather than later!

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