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Rio Bodyboarding International 2012: Behind the Scenes

Rio Bodyboarding International 2012: Behind the Scenes

(9 SEPT 2012)
  I arrived at Galeao International Airport in Rio on the morning of the 9th.  I was really looking forward to today.  I had arrived on my wife's birthday and our three year wedding anniversary.  Little did I know that this was going to be a temultuous start to my time back in Rio.  My wife, Leticia, and her father, Hamilton, picked me up at the airport and drove me back down to our apartment in Copacabana.  We were at the apartment long enough for me to drop off my luggage and give my wife her birthday and anniversary presents.  The rest of the day would be spent at the hospital.  My mother-in-law had been battling advanced cancer and went into the Intensive Care Unit at Sao Joao Hospital the day before.  We stayed at the hospital waiting for visiting hours and, when we were able to go in and see her, I have to admit it was rather difficult to see my mother-in-law Luiza in an ICU hospital bed.  After visiting hours, we went back to the apartment only to get a call that Luiza's condition was worsening and would most likely not make it through the night.  My wife stayed with her mother through the night.

(10 SEPT 2012)
  In the early morning hours, Luiza slipped into a coma.  By around 10am, she had passed away.  Her funeral services were held that same day.  It was a very intense and emotional day.  I did my best to be strong for my wife, but even I couldn't fight back the tears.  Beijos, amo voce!

(11 SEPT 2012: Day One of Competition)
  I left the apartment and walked up to the contest site at Posto 5...all of three blocks away from where my wife's family lives here in Copacabana.  I ended up going to grab a quick breakfast with my friend Alexandre and IBA judge Dudu Pedra.  The competition was on call for 7:30am, and was underway by 8am.  I hosted the English-speaking webcast for the day with IBA Tour Manager Teza McKenna sitting in on occasion so that I could take a break here and there.  I used my breaks to grab something to eat, walk back to the apartment to check up on my wife, and walk around the contest site taking some behind-the-scenes photos to post on Facebook.  At the end of the day, I wrapped things up in the webcast booth and went outside to film for a highlights clip.  I would follow a similar schedule each day of the competition.  Check out some of the photos and the video highlight clips for Rio Bodyboarding International 2012...

The contest structure for Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 at Posto 5 in Copacabana.

Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 event staff group photo. Photo: Rio Bodyboarding International

My office for the week...each day I got to sit at a desk with my sandals kicked off, commentating on the live action (large TV), and bringing you the latest score updates (Small TV).  Hosting the English-speaking commentary was an honor, a privilege, and lots of fun!

Day One Highlights first highlights clip ever...I was a little nervous but got it done!

(12 SEPT 2012: Day Two of Competition)

The Beach Byte crew hard at work making sure both the Portuguese and English webcasts are operating properly throughout the course of the day.

2011 IBA World champion eunate Aguirre (Basque) and Catarina Sousa (Portugal) hanging out and having fun in Copacabana during day two of Rio Bodyboarding International 2012.

Day Two Highlights clip...

(13 SEPT 2012: Day Three of Competition)

During one of my breaks from commentary on day three, I walked over to Baby Lanches with local P5 bodyboarder Jonathan Cardoso and 2x World Champion Jeff Hubbard to get some acai with granola...mmmmm, acai!

A packed competitor's tent...complete with a Kidoghinho (mini hot dogs) stand...on day three.

Day Three Highlights clip...

(14 SEPT 2012: Day Four of Competition)

Former Womens World Champions Claudia Ferrari (1996), 5x champion Neymara Carvalho, and Karla Costa Taylor (1999)...These ladies have put together quie a list of accomplishments!

A handful of pro competitors hanging out on the beach, watching the competition out in the water.

Day Four Highlights clip...

(15 SEPT 2012: Day Five of Competition)

Danilo (Rio Bodyboarding International media) and 6x World Champion Guilherme Tamega having a conversation off to the side of the competitor's tent on day five.

2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes (France) on the beach at Posto 5 in Copacabana.

Day Five Highlights clip...

(16 SEPT 2012: Final Day of Competition)

Portuguese commentator Malik Lazaro and English commentator Steve "Action" Jackson on the final day of competition for Rio Bodyboarding International 2012.

...on air with special guest commentator, 5x Womens World Champion Neymara Carvalho of Brasil. Photo: Rio Bodyboarding International

Morocco's Brahim Iddouch, winner of the Men's GQS at Rio Bodyboarding International 2012, being carried up the beach to the winner's podium. Photo: Rio Bodyboarding International

2010 Womens World Champion Isabela Sousa of Brasil, winner of the Women's GSS at Rio Bodyboarding International 2012, being carried up the beach to collect her trophy and winner's check. Photo: Lilly Pollard

Rio Bodyboarding International 2012 Champions, Brahim Iddouch of Morocco and Isabela Sousa of Brasil. Photo: XGeneration

Final Day Highlights clip...

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