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PRODUCT PROFILE: Invert Style Fins

PRODUCT PROFILE: Invert Style Fins

  Based in the United States, IS Fins has strong ties to Brazil but is also steadily expanding into various international markets.  Invert Style, as a company, was started almost seven years ago, and began developing products about three years ago.  Their product line focuses mainly on swimfins, but also includes various bodyboarding products including leashes, lycra, and more products being developed as this is being typed.  In the short time that Invert Style has existed, company owner Jorge Junior has managed to assemble an impressive roster of talented riders including 3x Women'sWorld Champion Isabela Sousa, 2011 Latin American Champion Kalani Lattanzi, and 2x Brazilian National Champion Israel Salas to name just a few.

IS Fins team rider, 2011 Latin American Champion Kalani Lattanzi.

IS Fins team rider, 3x Women's World Champion Isabela Sousa.

IS Fins team rider, 2x Brazilian National Champion Israel Salas.

  For the past four months, I have been testing out a couple of pairs of IS Fins that were sent to me.  The first thing I noticed about the fins are the soft foot pockets courtesy of the Malaysian rubber they are made from.  This makes for a comfortable and lightweight swimfin.  Performancewise, I have no complaints.  I have used these fins in everything from small gutless summer waves to more sizeable, dredging beachbreaks to a slabbing reefbreak.  I like the snap and thrust I get with each kick.  After having tried out Invert Style's fins, I'm looking forward to testing some of their other products.

Along with manufacturing swimfins, Invert Style offer other bodyboard accessories including the Storm bicep leash.

Lycra rashguards are among many of the new bodyboard accessories still to come from Invert Style.

Made from Malaysian rubber, IS fins are lightweight and comfortable.

The Invert Style team continues to expand globally!

To learn more about Invert Style swimfins and bodyboard accessories, please be sure to visit:

Invert Style- USA on Facebook

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