Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PRODUCT PROFILE: The Morey & Churchill Ltd. Collection from Pacific Pyramid Apparel

PRODUCT PROFILE: The Morey/ Churchill Ltd. Collection from Pacific Pyramid Apparel

Pacific Pyramid apparel Company from Los Angeles, CA.
  Pacific Pyramid is a Los Angeles-based surf/ skate/ lifestyle apparel company, founded to unify the action sports industry as well as the world itself.
  The name Pacific Pyramid is derived from one of earth's most exotic and exclusive destinations, Ball's Pyramid, an ancient volcanic remnant that stands a boastful and astounding 1,843 ft., making it the tallest volcanic seastack in the world.  Seven miles from the closest land mass, Ball's Pyramid stands alone in the Pacific Ocean and remains one of the Earth's most wondrous sights.  Like this solitary Island, it is Pacific Pyramid's primary goal to stand alone as one of the Earth's premiere clothing brands.  With a team of entrepeneurs, athletes, and veteran designers manning the helm, Pacific Pyramid will bring a new way of inspiring the world through designs and positivity.

Pacific Pyramid will donate a portion of proceeds to the charity or cause on which our limited collection is based.

  Our first organization is the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders) World Tour.  We have been granted the exclusive rights to use Morey and Churchill for our limited collection in a means to give back to the bodyboard community.

  We are not just a bodyboard brand and will not always do bodyboard inspired designs, but we will know our roots and continuously give back to the sport along with many others.

-Jared Brown, Pacific Pyramid Apparel Company

  The Morey & Churchill limited collection, as well as the Pacific Pyramid website, launch on Monday, 7 April 2014.

For more information and updates, please be sure to visit:

Pacific Pyramid on Facebook

A portion of the proceeds from the Morey & Churchill limited collection by Pacific Pyramid Apparel Company will go to support the APB World Tour.

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