Thursday, January 31, 2013

GEOGRAPHY: The Jersey Mobb in Hawaii

GEOGRAPHY: The Jersey Mobb in Hawaii

  Every bodyboarder, at one point or another, dreams of being on the North Shore of Hawaii for the winter season.  Every surf photographer and videographer wants to be there to capture all of the action.  For the 2013 season, the crew from The Jersey Mobb isn't just dreaming about it...their doing it!  Bodyboarders like Sean Morin and Mike Murphy are putting their time in out in the water while Kalen Foley and Alex Doane are scoring all of the goods on film and video!  Check out the photos and Hawaii Mobbcasts...


Mike Murphy coimng out of a textbook air forward 360.  Photo: Kalen Foley


Sean Morin. Pipeline.  Photo: Kalen Foley


...Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Chris Schlegel getting "warmed up" for the North Shore in the cold waters of the Jersey Shore.  Photo: Chris Zeh

  Be sure to keep an eye out for Kalen Foley's upcoming bodyboarding film 'WORK!' coming soon.  Until then check out the trailer...

  For more information on THE JERSEY MOBB, be sure to visit "The Jerseymobb" on Facebook and check out their official website:

    Keep in mind, up until about 15 years ago, the idea of professional bodyboarders from New Jersey was considered to be impossibly unlikely.  I can remember guys like Chuck Guarino, Larry McGinn, Jason Bitzer, myself and many other guys being laughed at and told, "It'll never happen, stop kidding yourself!"  Well, if you can dream it, you can make it a reality...if you want it badly enough.  There's an entire world out there waiting for you to explore it!  There are countless grand adventures waiting to unfold!  There are endless possibilities, if you are willing to take a chance!  So, stop daydreaming.  Get out there, explore the world, chase waves, experience new cultures, make new friends, and have fun bodyboarding!!!

  Until the next time, good luck and good waves!  I'll see you out in the water...YEEEWWW!!!

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