Wednesday, June 20, 2012

APPLIED SCIENCES: How to Shape a Bodyboard

APPLIED SCIENCES: How to Shape a Bodyboard

First up, a two part video tutorial from well-reknowned Australian shaper Todd Quigley.  Watch as he explains core materials, rail and tail designs, and puts together a custom-ordered bodyboard with a Polypropylene core w/ stringer:

For more information on Todd Quigley, or to order your own custom-shaped bodyboard, be sure to visit for details.

Next, a run-through video of Australian shaper Glenn Taylor putting together a hand-shaped bodyboard with a Polyethylene/Dow core and 2x stringer:

Be sure to visit for more about Glenn Taylor and ordering your own custom Turbo bodyboard.

There are plenty of well-respected, talented shapers in the world of bodyboarding. Shapers like Pete "PMA" Anaya, Jimmy "JL" Linville, Nick "Mez" Mezritz, Todd Quigley, Glenn Taylor, Jarrod Gibson, Yamo, and Shaper Gato can shape boards that will work well for everyone from the up-and-coming local grom to the top ranked international competitor!  Included below, is a brief list of websites for companies that offer custom-shaped bodyboards, as well as links for online bodyboard retailers that offer custom board ordering through their sites: - PMA custom orders are available through this site. - PMA custom orders are available through this site. - PMA, JL, and Yamo custom orders are available through this site.

There is much more information and many more websites to be found, as well as plenty of shaping video clips to check out. Just google "custom bodyboards" and/or search for "how to shape a bodyboard" on YouTube, and you'll be able to dig up everything you need to know.  If you are looking to get a custom-shaped bodyboard for yourself, try a couple of different shapers.  When you find a shaper that works well for you and helps dial in your "magic board," though, stick with him!  For myself, personally, I have been using the same shaper for the past seven years...some amazing boards in that stretch of time, and a few "magic" ones that were mindblowing!  Now that you have a basic introduction to the world of custom-shaped bodyboards, go put it to good use and see where you and your shaper can go with it!  YEEEWWW!!!

Manasquan, New Jersey. Valentine's Day Swell, February 2007.  This was a "magic board!" 41.5" bat tail shaped by JL. Photo: Pat Grady


  1. Where can I find Jimmy Linvil? Is he in SoCal?

  2. Replies
    1. Try contacting Superior Foam Products (the Custom X factory) in Oceanside, CA. Ask for JoJo and see if they willsell you an unshaped, blank core.